inside my enjoy 2013 vip kit +review

 As you probably already know, I have an ongoing Enjoy VIP kit giveaway as well as 2 others that are fashion related.

Early this morning, okay not early, sometime this morning, I checked the hits on my posts and realized that among the 3, my enjoy giveaway has the most views but the least entries.
Maybe because the mechanics are a little more complicated because of having to post a photo on Facebook? Or maybe because some of you are curious but don't really know if it actually works, if it's worth your time or just basically what's inside and how much you can really save.

Like I said, I really, really LOVED my 2012 Enjoy Kit and I equally love my 2013 too that's why I'm doing this. I don't really have to, it wasn't required of me by the PR company but as a blogger and sort of a public figure that some people look to for advice, I feel like I sort of have a responsibilty to do this. This is partly why I started the blog anyway, to share the things I like.

So anyway, I will let this photo speak for itself:

enjoy 2013 vip kit
These are some of the many Buy 1 Take 1 or Buy 2 Take 2 coupons inside the booklet. These are just the ones I tore off for immediate use. They really work, no strings attached, no minimum bill required. Just straight up 1 for 1 deals. Me and Dennis have saved so much money using these coupons. 

You know if you're into the whole group buying thing, this is not very different, only cheaper. Imagine just paying half for all your meals out for only P1995/year? Plus, from experience, I found that Enjoy partner establishments are much more well- versed when it comes to the promos attached to the card unlike the group buying vouchers which sometimes give me quite a difficult time to avail. So far, I have not experienced any hassle at all with my Enjoy card.

 I use my kit primarily for dining out but there are also lots of other perks available inside. From buy 1 take 1 hotel stays, free mani-peds, store discounts, even great deals on car repair services.

So guys, I strongly suggest you set aside the five minutes it takes (maybe even less) to join my Enjoy VIP kit giveaway. IT IS REALLY WORTH IT. There's still time. You have til Feb 7 to join. Good luck! :)