jeffrey campbell don't even

tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses

oasap tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses

minimalist gold collar necklace

Jeffrey Campbell Don't Even

jeffrey campbell don't even street style

I got so much to make kwento/narrate/explain/share that I don't know where to begin. 

Let me start with I miss doing outfit shots sooo much! I haven't be able to do as many lately and it really is bothering me because that is predominantly why I started this blog. I promise to figure out a way to make them more frequent in the near future.

In other news, it's the premiere of my new Jeffrey Campbell Don't Even's in an OOTD. I actually got them last month and have been wearing them like crazy (they are light and super comfy) eversince but it's only now I was able to take a photo of them. Super fierce don't you think? They have so much personality on their own.

Moving on, I feel like my body has been changing much as I hate to admit it, I can feel it ageing. Seems like my limbs are getting thinner and all the rest is going to my belly. Must summon the strength and patience to hit Beyond Yoga this year. (oh how I despise working out, I just find it boring)

Next, back to the outfit. I didn't feel like being too fussy today. I just felt like a clean, minimalistic look and decided to play with textures instead.

In this modern world of micro mini's, backless dresses and plunging necklines, I find that it sometimes makes more of a statement to "cover up" rather than to bare all. I'm sure men won't agree and that it is sort of a man repeller "hirit". But that's honestly how I feel. I think most of us, or at least I have grown numb to seeing skin. It's everywhere and I miss the challenge and witty peek-a-boo's. How do you feel about it? I mean it's okay once in awhile, here and there to go totally wild but it's just that I feel like it's been so common these past few years. No offense and I'm not judging, I'm one to wear short shorts myself. Nevermind, I'm babbling on, it's probably just a temporary mood swing or a new fashion choice. Forget everything I said. :P

And lastly, I love this new necklace that was given to me by ForMe as a Christmas gift. It's so me and it's so perfect during times when I don't feel like piling on the bling and I just need a little extra something to accent whatever it is I'm wearing.

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OMG!! I loooove your shoes!!
Diana de Belen said…
The shoes looks so bongga and fierce. I like your bag too, can I ask where did you bought it please?? :)

xx Diana
Chyrel Gomez said…
Oh my. Antaray ng shoes mo!! <3
jawsmayobanico said…
Every JC shoes is to die for. Gaaaah! So envy!!!
Mitch said…
Ohhhh i soooo looove the shoes!! how / where did you get it?
style grenade: the bag was a birthday gift from my grandma :)
mitch: they have them in sm fashion forum :)
Issa said…
super love the shoes! it's gorgeous!
Unknown said…
hey girl!! amazing blog.. following you..
i have one question.. i am planning to buy these JC shoes in White... are they comfy? worth buying? it will be a great help hearing it from you
hey natasha! thanks for leaving a comment,anyway, yes they are super comfortable for me. they're lightweight and i can wear them for hours on end. :)