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WEAR MY DESIGN Grand Winners for Ensembles Spring 2013


With the rise of Philippine fashion comes the emergence of young, hopeful designers who get the chance to showcase their talent and creativity to the whole nation.Ensembles has given this wonderful opportunity to 5 lucky ladies as they won the Wear My Design Contest for Spring 2013. They were chosen out of almost a hundred entries submitted by designer hopefuls nationwide. Among the wide array of prizes they have won, the best part is that they get to live out their dream of being acknowledged as a designer, and their winning designs worn by ladies all over the country.
So who are the 5 grand winners of the Wear My Design contest? Ensembles is proud to present the 5 young designers and their winning creations: IONALA by Regina Natividad, BOSS OF PARADISE by MymyLudovico, FUTURISTIC SPRING by Michelle Sarmiento, PEPLUM DRESS by Pamela Victoria and ANDREI by April Joy Dela Cruz.Being no strangers to the world of fashion, 4 out of 5 of these gals have been fashion design students. When asked if she had a hard time coming up with a concept, Pamela, the only one who didn’t take up a design course, said, “Not quite. I just thought of a concept that would fit a stylish woman in a corporate world and something that is understated yet elegant and would add a stylish twist to a normal office outfit.”
Surely, all the hard work and effort these designers have put into their creations were all born from an inspiration. For Regina, it took a sentimental purpose for her to get that creative spark. What was her inspiration? “My daughter who passed away. Her name is Iona, which is why Iolana is the name of my entry”, she said. When it comes to the obstacles they encountered, meeting the deadline was a common problem. “It just so happened that I had other commitments to do at that time, that’s why I ended up submitting the garments on the very last day of submission”, answered April.
What made these ladies win was because they captured the essence of what an Ensembles woman embodies. “One who is confident, knows the trends and can carry it well. She can stand on her own and can stand out at the same time”, as described by Mymy. Also, they got to play out one of the key aspects of Ensembles, which is versatility. “The dress can be worn from day to night. Just put on a blazer for work matched with stunning stilettos then take the blazer off for night outs”, Michelle said, pertaining to her dress. Wearing one of the winning designs is CarminaVillaroel who just recently got married to longtime partner ZorenLegaspi. When asked what she thought of the winning styles? "Wow, these are from non-professional designers? They look flattering and practical, perfect for me and my busy schedule!"
The winning creations are to be released as part of the Spring 2013 Collection of Ensembles and is scheduled to hit the stores nationwide this February 2013.So, do you think you have what it takes to become a designer? Then join the next Wear My Design contest which will be held from May 1- June 30, 2013! Watch out for it! Who knows, it could be your creation that will be featured in our next spring  2014 collection!

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