if you're going to san francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair

First an apology for the sporadic posting. Aside from Dennis being extremely busy with work lately and unable to find the time to take my photos, I have also started a couple of personal ventures that I hope you will support me in once launched. I am very excited about both and I can't wait to share it with you. If everything goes according to plan, I will be able to announce it in a week or two. So, I hope you'll stay tuned for that and wait for it with as much anticipation as I am feeling.

Second, the flowers in my hair. Always having been a flower child at heart, I believe that you are never too old to wear flowers in your hair. (I just wish my hair was a little bit longer. I can't wait for it to grow out, it's taking so long and this awkward stage is annoying. I don't know what to do with it so I've resulted to wearing hats mostly.)

I got this pretty, white, flouncy dress recently from wholesale-dress and I took it as a perfect opportunity to excercise my rights as a hippie and don the said flowers on my head. Actually, it's my daughter's lei that she got from a beach themed birthday party sometime ago. I just twisted it twice and stuck it on. 

I got this dress for a song and it is probably the most versatile dress I own. The material is of surprising quality despite it's very reasonable price tag. I can also wear it as a dress, tunic, backwards or forwards. If that isn't versatile, I don't know what is. hehe

I'll leave you with that for now. Have a great Sunday everyone :)

parka by protest | wholesale-dress.net dress | zara boots | anagon bff necklace | jean & rosz double cross necklace


Halie said…
Beautiful look.