summer plaid

Happy Sunday everyone! This is what I wore to yesterday's Breeze event. Yup, Breeze is back and I got to take home a lot of it. :) I always appreciate receiving practical home stuff and this one is exceptional since it reminds me of doing laundry back when I was living in Singapore for awhile. It was my brand then and the smell really brings me back.

So anyway....

It isn't officially summer yet but I already feel the heat coming on and I've been preparing myself for a VERY hot summer ahead. Heat or no heat though, I still can't live without my plaid shirts and I found this particular one from Nava to be a great transitional piece because of the colors. Fabric is a really nice and cool cotton blend as well (ala J. Crew) so I really love it and I'm sure it's going to be one of my summer staples.

summer plaid street style
bubble gum pink balenciaga city
summer plaid fashion

Still down with the flu, this bug is really weird, I've had it for a long time already and it's really slowing me down not to mention annoying the hell out of me so I'm going to try to spend this Sunday in bed relaxing. Maybe my body just needs time to recuperate. Take a lot of vit. c cause I'm pretty sure this virus is in the air and you don't want to take any chances of catching it.

plaid shirt from Nava shop | diy navy blue midi skirt | vnc sandals | vintage necklace | rayban meteor

ps. you still have til 12 midnight today to join my Indressme International Giveaway. good luck!


Gellie Abogado said…
Looking gorgeous, Sarah! Hope you get well soon :)
medoKartonski said…
Wow! You look stunning!
Sisters said…
Omg so beautiful combination, I like skirt a lot, and of course shirt :)