t by alexander wang twist skirt tutorial

duplicate post - had to make a new post since I put the wrong title in before and I had to repair photos as well. anyway, it's the same tutorial as the one I created a year ago, enjoy :)

I have been obssesed with these Alexander Wang ruched skirts so I decided to try making one on my own.

Let's get started.

What You'll Need:

  1. 1 yard stretch fabric of your choice.
  2. Sewing machine or needle and matching thread.
  3. Elastic (I recommend 3/4"-1" wide)
  4. Tape Measure
  5. Skirt with a fit you like


t by alexander wang twist skirt tutorial

alexander wang twist skirt tutorial
diy alexander wang twist skirt

And you're done! 
Wear and style accordingly:

You can adjust the folds on the skirt by just twisting and moving it around to make it less dramatic, like the Alexander Wang but I arranged the folds to hike it up a bit more in the middle cause I find that it flatters my short legs more.

Good Luck and Have Fun Sewing! 

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