things to do on valentine's day + outfits

A fancy dinner in a posh restaurant with a dozen red roses is always nice on Valentine's Day but sometimes, I'm in the mood for something different. 

Here's some off-the-beaten track date ideas that you can go on with your better half this heart's day plus some outfit ideas to go with it.

First, one of my favorites, a picnic. This can be a little tricky depending where you live. If you're a city dweller like me in a concrete jungle like Manila, there are ways/places to be innovative.

If you've found yourself without a nearby lake or clearing, here are some alternative ideas.

 UP Campus, a garden, Tagaytay, la mesa dam, and the American Cemetery are some of my favorite go-to picnic places. It's really pretty and not as morbid as you think inside the American Cemetery. 

Here's an idea though, transform a room in your house into an enchanted little hideaway. Attach tea lights/christmas lights on your ceiling to make like stars that you can gaze up on while chatting over bottles of wine. Spread the mandatory blanket on the floor for a proper picnic feel. Movie marathon optional.
dress -
 This next idea will need a little more preparation unless you have a pool/beach at your disposal. This is also perfect for group dates. Blender some delicious cocktails and set up a table outside with lots of candles. Don't forget mood music.
black kimono, tropical dress -
A gourmet dinner date at home is another great alternative and very easy to pull off. 
A key to making this work is great table setting. Layered looks and different heights always look posh. Don't forget to grab a couple bottles of wine and polish your favorite silver and stemware. Not a cook? Easy, men love meat and potatoes. Why not grab some Meltique Steak (about 300/pc at Deliboys, already comes with a rub), potatoes, asparagus, ready to eat salad and greens. 

Sear both sides of your steak in a pan for about 2 minutes depending on thickness, then stick them straight in the oven for another 2 minutes at 350F. Make mashed potatoes and blanch asaparagus to accompany steak. That wasn't so hard, right? :)
tiger pullover -
leather panel  skirt -
If cooking is not an option, grab a couple tickets to a concert. Nothing like a suave crooner to get you in the mood for love.
dress -
 And lastly, my absolute favorite. 

Drive to nowhere. Totally impractical, undeniably romantic. Spontaneous and wild.
How to pull off and not end up spending the day in traffic?
Make your playlist, grab supplies (snacks, water, wine for later), plan it. I know, I said spontaneous but you gotta at least plan a route, like let's say, go south, pick a time where there's least traffic and see where the road takes you. Just enjoy the ride and feel the wind in your hair.
jacket, jeans, shirt, shades -
There you go, hope I helped inspire some ideas for your special day.

Just remember, when it comes to love, it's not how much you spend it's the company that matters. :)

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great ideas!
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lovely outfit!!!!
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