walking the dog

 So this is what has been keeping me busy the past few weeks, mostly home stuff, baking bread, family time and walking the dog. 

I tried getting into a new workout routine to hopefully help alleviate the pain in my back and get rid of my lethargic-ness (katamaran), but so far its hasn't worked. Too lethergic to even change into gym clothes (which translates to just rubber shoes and pambahay since I plan to do the excercising at home) so I've resulted to walking our dog every afternoon instead. It's a far cry from crunches and lunges but it's a start. At least I'm mobile for a good 30-60 minutes and it's good fun.

forever 21 philippines

cesa tiffany inspired  key necklace

so fab tan sandals

jean and rosz bracelet
 I have the cutest kid and dog in the world! :D

cutest dog

nava crochet vest | glamour studio floral top | forever 21 shorts | cesa key necklace | so fab sandals | veloci watch | jean and rosz bracelets

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Hollie said…
awwww your doggy and daughter looks adorable! Love your Sheer Floral Top, it's so chic yet very compfy. ^_^
Never seen someone look so chic walking the dog before! :)