what happened to breakfast at antonio's?

breakfast at antonio's

breakfast at antonio's eggs benedict

Does anybody feel the same way? I just find it so disconcerting because this used to be one of my favorite restaurants in Tagaytay. We loved it so much that we would find ourselves dining there almost 3 times a month despite the distance. The outdoor veranda was our favorite spot. We would stay there for hours over hot coffee, sausages, and the most delicious scrambled eggs. This was around 2004-05 if I'm not mistaken. Prices were already quite steep during that time but it was worth it. The place had an edge and a personality that you could only get there.

A few days ago, I had the chance to return for brunch. I was really excited when I saw it on the itinerary. I haven't been in awhile and I was eager to try it again. Sadly, I was very disappointed. And the missing open air veranda didn't have anything to do with it although I must say that I really missed the laidback country club feel with a view.

The place was packed as usual. Getting a waiter's attention for our orders was no problem at all but getting the food to our table took ages. Close to 30 minutes if I remember right and nobody ordered roast chicken. The orders were predominantly made up of tapa, salads and pasta. Entrees that take very few minutes to prepare. My shake was almost done by the time my eggs benedict were served. I didn't mind the wait at first because I was anticipating the food to be of epic proportions like before but the moment I took my first bite, I knew things had changed. First off, the prices are still steep, second, the servings have surprisingly shrunk by yes, epic proportions, and the quality was not fitting of a restaurant that carries as much prestige as Breakfast at Antonio's. I cannot speak for the others but trust me, all I heard were complaints.

My shake and salad were fine, hey i mean, how can you botch something as straightforward as that right? But my eggs benedict were so mediocre and tiny for the price. First, the "smoked ham" they used tasted like it came straight out of a purefoods pack and was really quite salty. Next, one egg was cooked well done and that's a definite no-no for eggs b. To make amends for an otherwise dry meal, I tried to ask for some extra hollandaise, which never came. For P400++ per order and several kilometers to get there, I would spend my money on Mr. Jones' eggs benedict instead and have my brunch in Tagaytay elsewhere.

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