all white in elle girl

Hi Friends! Here's a long overdue outfit post. I miss doing these sooo much I swear. Life is hectic and I haven't been able to chronicle my outfits as religiously as I normally do. It's really frustrating and I hope to shoot more often in the next week or so.

Anyway, this is what I wore to the DVF loves Roxy event a couple nights ago. The dress code was all white and flats. I don't own a lot of dressy flats, actually I only have one, which is the one I'm wearing here. Most flat shoes of mine are relegated to sneakers.

I had a very difficult time dressing up for this event because I don't own a lot of white stuff. I love white but I am a total clutz and I never fail to stain my white clothes with sauce each time I wear them out. (To prove a point, a stained this outfit as well later on in the night. I was mortified but thank god I got loads of Breeze detergent (enter ad...haha) at home so I immediately soaked my clothes in it the moment I got home. Stain removed! Yipeee!)Good thing I got this skirt from the Elle Girl event a few days ago if not, I would definitely be at a total loss.  

In other news, I am starting my own label called Daisy Jane. My stocks are ready, I just need to tag, iron and shoot but I promise they'll be up in a few days. In the meantime, hope you can LIKE Daisy Jane on Facebook (share with your friends too please) and support me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance :)

ps. sorry the photos are a bit noisy, still haven't mastered the art of night shots :)

forever 21 white motorcycle jacket | elle girl rosette skirt  | vintage gold clutch


Ellie Balangue said…
I love your dress! Don't worry about the noisiness of the picture, still looking gorge :)

have a great day ahead!


Roxanne said…
I looove the look! you look stunning, young and fresh Miss Sarah!
Bianca Sing said…
Love love love your white ensemble, Mommy <3 Only a few can handle outfits like this and you nailed it :)

Honey Andrade said…
I've always been a fan of the all-white ensemble.. Ang fresh and ang linis tignan. :)

See you soon!!! :D