cure natural aqua gel

CURE Natural Aqua Gel

Now people of the Philippines can benefit from
Japan’s No. 1 Skincare (Exfoliator) Product!

Coming this April 2013!!!
Cure is the most popular skincare product in Japan and has been in the market for 10 years! It is considered as the “Legendary Product” in Japan and “Monster Product” or “Million Dollar Product” in Singapore.
Retails at Php 1500.00 at 250 grams
What is Cure?  It’s an exfoliant!  Like a facial in a bottle!
Why do we need it?

Accumulated dead skin layer slows down skin turnover which then causes pimples, dry skin, oily skin,dull skin, skin pigmentation, dark spots and signs of wrinkles. That’s why we need to exfoliate regularly!

Cure gently removes (0.01mm) dead skin which make-up remover and facial cleanser cannot. 

Traditional exfoliations such as chemical peeling, gommage and scrubs are strong and damaging to the skin.
Exfoliation also makes a huge difference on the result of our skin care regimen. Lotions, serums or moisturizer will be absorbed by the skin more!

More than 10 years in the market!
Consistently TOP Ranked in @Cosme (Japan’s largest and most popular beauty online community with user-based product reviews and forums) and Beauty Magazines!

CURE’s Beauty Awards History:

2004@Cosme  No.1 Exfoliation
2005@Cosme  No.1 Exfoliation
2006:  CUTiE  Magazine Special Care           Category  No.1
Mina  Magazine Best Selling Item at SONY Plaza Kansai
2007:  Biteki  Magazine Awardee as Popular Cosmetic Award
@Cosme  Awardee Really Good Cosmetic
Vivi  Magazine Best Hit No.1
Bea’s up Magazine  No.1
2008: @Cosme  Really Good Cosmetic
 2009: Chosen as gift to 81st Oscar Award
@Cosme No.4 Peeling Product
WWD Magazine Beauty Gommage and Peeling Ranking No.3
2010: @Cosme No.3 Exfoliation
Steady  Magazine Exfoliation Ranking No.1  (Chosen by readers)
Bea’s Up Magazine Awardee Best Hit Cosmetic Product
2011: @Cosme  No.1 Skin Care Product
2012: @Cosme  No.1 Exfoliation
SAVVY Magazine No.1 at ShipINN
Mina Magazine  The Best Cosme Ranking No.1 at Aniz&Tulpe

 One bottle will last up to 4 months if used twice a week on the face. Cure can be used for the entire body as well!

Cure can also help whiten and brighten our skin!

CURE Natural Aqua Gel is available in the Philippines exclusively through the Beauty Bar stores.

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Unknown said…
Impressive before and after... Will try to grab this.
Unknown said…
Awww ivr tried a sample of that and its great. Kelan to magiging avail by april? Tinitipid ko un sample ko e. Im hesitant to buy online kc kaya lnag not sure when this will b avail in april
hi miz! im not really sure but i think first week of april :)