elle girl in manila

Most of you are probably most familiar with Elle Magazine. Recently, Elle Magazine has started to expand and venture into making their label a complete lifestyle brand. One of its branches is Elle Girl which was created by the Paris based group to purposely target the Asian Market.

Elle has been in our country for awhile now doing primarily kids fashion. To erase misconceptions for Elle Girl, a re-launch is in the works and a few bloggers, including myself were invited to not only preview their latest collections but to witness the behind the scenes of their soon to come campaign which is focused on empowered young women.

5 beautiful and succesful girls from different fields were chosen to be Elle Girl's brand ambassadors. I can't yet share with you their names or faces but maybe you can guess from some of their silhouettes in the photos below.  Keep those guesses in stock cause I'll be announcing a new giveaway soon and those guesses just might come in handy.

Back to the shoot....

Can I just say that I really enjoy attending shoots? The creative vibe is so awesome and there's endless piles of gorgeous clothes, shoes, bags and people everywhere. It's just really so inspiring.

Some items from Elle Girl's latest collection:

Love this rosette skirt, I ended up taking one home with me except in white (I think I'll be able to utilize it more for the upcoming summer months).

2 of Elle Girls brand ambassadors...can you guess who???

Loved the clothes so much, couldn't resist trying on a couple in the bathroom :P Whatchuthink? Nice, huh? The fabric of this dress is also very lovely in person. Soft and cool plus the cut is very flattering for all body types. 

After the event, I got to hang out for a bit with my blog friends and my very own little Elle Girl, Nikola <3 p="">

Stay tuned for more classic Parisienne style and exciting news from ELLE GIRL!!!


Hollie said…
looks like it was a fun filled event! those designs are definitely appealing. You look gorge sarah!
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