isweep by familia review

I first chanced upon robot vacuums while watching an episode of Breaking Bad. I immediately fell in love and started scouring the net for leads on where to get one for our house which brought me mostly to where the assortment was huge and reasonable but once topped up with shipping, got quite pricey. So I started asking around for its availability in the Philippines instead. My only leads were Ethan Allen and Make Room where it cost around P20+k. I wasn't willing to shell out that much for something I wasn't sure would work 100% the way I wanted it to at home so I gave it a rest for awhile.

And then...while on one of my random trips to Ace Hardware, I chanced upon the Famila Cleaning System corner and found the iRovac partly hidden beneath boxes of iPolish refills. It felt like the light of heaven shone down on me. :))
iRovac by Familia
We asked the attendant for a demo. I thought it performed brilliantly but Dennis was a little hesitant. It worked great on bigger particles but he wasn't sure if it would pick up dust which was abundant in our condo probably due to its close proximity to EDSA and abundance of building constructions nearby. Besides that, the iRovac was out of stock at the time meaning we would have to settle for the demo unit at full price. Nobody does that so I resigned myself to the back-breaking work of the classic walis tambo and dustpan again. 

However, being the resilient shopper and gastadora, I scoured the Familia corner again for something to buy and bring home. That's when I came across the iSweep. Upon inspection, I realized that it more or less had the same mechanism as the iRovac except of course, it wasn't a robot and you would still have to put in a little work. I thought it was a good buy for only P999. It would ease my itchy shopping fingers to swipe something plus it was a cheap way to find out wether the iRovac would work at home with dust.

I have had the iSweep for about 2 weeks now and I love it. Here's why:

Before the walis tambo and dustpan, I used to vacuum our house but lugging around the heavy vacuum cleaner wasn't much fun. It was tiring. The long cord would always get stuck at some corner and I would have to trace my way back to untangle it, etc. So I laid the vacuum cleaner to rest and would only take it out to clean the carpets.

The thing with the classic walis+dustpan combo is that it is back-breaking, literally, and annoying since dust seems to fly away from the dustpan as soon as you attempt to try to put more in. I hated it but it seemed less of a hassle than the vacuum to take out but I still hated it because it agravated my already problematic back.

Back to the iSweep....

What I love most about the iSweep is that it is lightweight and cordless. No need to bend your back, no need for a dustpan. It does all the hardwork for you. All I'm left to do is walk around the house casually with my iSweep and iPod in tow and the house gets cleaned up. Nikola loves chasing after Chewy with it too and I let her since running around with it cleans up the house as well :P

Much to my delight, it picks up dust like a dream (dust doesn't fly around the house as you sweep unlike with the tambo) and stores it quite niftily too. Clean up time is cut by more than 3/4's. Instead of an hour, it only takes me about 20 minutes now.

isweep by familia
The iSweep has a compact rechargeable battery located around it's handle. Once charge is enough to clean up our approx. 150sq.m floor space.

isweep by familia battery pack
The iSweep also comes with a comb to get rid of hair, string or other particles that might get caught between the brushes.

The iSweep's compact charger plugs directly into a socket, not sure how long charging time should be (I didn't read the manual) but about an hour should do the trick. It has a light indicator but I don't know what it indicates (because I didn't read the manual, it just stays red...probably to tell me it's charging)

Clean up is also a cinch, just release these buttons found on top:

And out comes all the dust and whatnots in a neat brick!

I love my iSweep and now I am more keen on getting the iRovac. I'm sure it'll work like a dream as well.

ps. in case you were wondering, the iRovac is priced around P7k but it has a cheaper alternative at P3500. The only difference between the two is that the cheaper one doesn't charge itself.

pps. another thing, when cords get stuck in the iSweep, it just stops working and all you have to do is turn it off and pull the cord out. Very easy.

ppps. to have your familia cleaning system products serviced, just take them to any Ace Hardware branch.

pppps. this is not a sponsored post. ;P


Unknown said…
That seems to be an interesting product, Ms. Sarah! Now, I have a lot of things to save up for! Haha! First, you influenced me (and convinced me) on getting a sewing machine... now, a home gadget... =D

I would have to try to convince the hubby to see this nifty home cleaning gadget... =D

P.S: The hubby told me that we have a lot of vintage sewing machines owned by his grandparents and great grandparents. He said they're all working well, we just have to get them checked and oiled for use. ^__^

Hoping one of these days, he'd take one and ask his modista aunt to check it! ^__^
hey angel! your comment made me smile :) gastos ba? hahaha, well its for creativity's sake naman, hope you're putting your sewing machine to good use. would love to see the vintage ones, they would make great home decors too :) anyway, this modern walis is really a godsent but i am also still saving up for the irovac :)
Unknown said…
Yep! Hahaha! Building a home is truly magastos! Pero its worth it naman... Buti na lang, spoiled ako kay hubby kahit paano... hahaha! I gotta convine him to take out the sewing machines na... If ever, I'll take photos of them for you! ^__^