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ahai shopping shirt

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romwe leather shorts street style

topshop studded leather jacket fashion


I'm a little at loss for words. Our sky internet has been having trouble lately and ribbet (my go to for photo editing) won't load and I'm left with having to use pixlr which is giving me a terrible headache. It's so much more complicated to use and my images seem less crisp. Grrr.

Anyway, like my shirt? It's so kitschy yea? Got it for only $9 at Ahai Shopping (free shipping! woot!), such a steal cause the fabric is really nice and I love that it's not too see-through. And I'm making the most out of my beloved leather clothes in the few weeks we have left of semi cool weather before summer finally kicks in. 

And lastly, kindly check out my new clothing brand/page: If I get enough likes, I might host a giveaway :) My stocks will be coming in next week so I hope you'll support me. Thank you!!! :)

hat from sm accessories | chicnova earrings | ahai shopping lip print shirt | romwe shorts | topshop jacket and boots


A N A G O N said…
Excited na ako for Daisy Jane! :) And yes super cute nung top :D Nakakatawa ako naman naaaliw sa pixlr although minsan nag pipixelize yung photo hahaha :p see you tm!!!!!!!
jawsmayobanico said…
God! You look so great!
Bianca Sing said…
Super pretty!! And love your outfit, Mommy <3

Donata Lim said…
I want your boots!!!! very nice outfit too!! =)
does Ahai do door to door shipping? hate when it has to go through our customs kasi =(