namnam greenbelt restraurant review

Hunger makes me irrational and there's nothing I hate more than ending up paying a very disappointing bill in a restaurant chosen out of desperation. 

That is why I like to have a few tried and tested go-to places at every mall for times when I am too hungry to properly decide where to eat. And I'm super pleased to announce that I just found a new restaurant to add to my Greenbelt list and that restaurant is Namnam.

Located along the same strip as Nuvo and Italliani's, Namnam's facade is quite difficult to miss. It's reminisicent of those cool, off the street dining places in New York.

Just like most of the restaurants located in greenbelt, Namnam's interiors are classy and upscale. A perfect marriage of modern and traditional which might make you think that they're food is pricey.

But upon further inspection of their menu, you'll realize that the food in Namnam is indeed very affordable. Not only that, it is the only restaurant in the metro that offers different sized portions which makes dining at Namnam even more reasonable.
namnam menu
An average meal per person here will cost you less than P200*. 

That is something considering the location. Plus I love the fact that you don't have to be tied down to what others in your group may want to order. You can have the best of everything by ordering several small portions.

But as you all know, cheap doesn't always translate to good that's why I was pleasantly surprised when I got a taste of their food.

Namnam is one of the best Filipino restaurants I have ever tried. Probably even garnering the top position once all things are considered.

Everything I tried was superb but of course, just like everywhere else, a few stood out from the crowd.

Here are photos with captions of what I got to try a couple of nights ago:

gising-gising at namnam
overloaded bangus belly at namnam
ensaladang namnam
caramelized patis wings
namnam's pancit buko - noodles made with strips of coconut meat
university fried rice
sinigang na shortribs sa watermelon
namnam leche flan with gata and lime
Every single one of these dishes are sure crowd pleasers but my favorites among them would have to be the ensaldang namnam which has suha and tinapa flakes, the caramelized patis wings which will make you go wow after your first bite (the flavors just burst in your mouth but with no umay even after several pieces of wings), their shortribs sinigang in watermelon which sounded a little off to me at first but ended up becoming a winning combination and might possibly make tamarind obsolete (the beef was super tender too with lots of yummy, is it called collagen?, in between the meat?), and lastly, the leche flan which is infused with gata and lime.

Namnam is most definitely a triple threat, something you must try when in the Makati area. I'm sure they will not disappoint. 

ps. they also have drink all you can promos on alcoholic beverages in their al fresco area.

for more info, visit Namnam's Facebook page, or call 0917-5399661; (02) 6250515

They are open from Mon-Sun at 11am-11pm

special thanks to ava and namnam for the invite and ana for providing photos since I was late and the food was almost completely ravaged by the time I got there :)


glad you enjoyed and thank you for coming, momma sarah!
Issa said…
love the interiors of the place... and very affordable indeed... thanks for the review :)