romwe cape dress

This is what I wore to last Thursday's national events day. I'm sure you've heard the term before? In case you haven't, it's a little expression someone from the blogosphere coined to sum up a day packed with events. Somehow the nickname just stuck and we've all been using it eversince.

Last Thursday was definitely no exemption. Lined up for us the entire day were 5 events starting at 12nn for Laura Mercier's Summer Collection in Las Flores and all the way up to the wee hours of the night capping it off at Hyve for the Antony Morato fashion show. Whew! Just recalling it all makes my feet ache all over again.

maldita statement necklace

cape dress fashion
romwe black cape dress

Anyway, back to the outfit....I find black is best for me when it comes to all day happenings. I tend to be a klutz and I often stain my clothes so if it's black, it won't be so visible. Also must be loose cause I can hardly stand clothes that cling to my body, makes me feel like a suman and all I want to do really is tear them off my back.

The necklace is a new acquisition. I found it by accident while waiting for Dennis to come out of the bathroom in Megamall. It was on the mannequin of Maldita and I just really had to have it. There was just one piece and they sold it to me for a song so I really consider this a lucky find.

romwe black cape  | maldita necklace | sam edelman shoes | unarosa clear cube earrings


Verna Abril said…
black always looks sophisticated :D ganda niyo po :)

Thirdbite | style blog
tiis ganda lang ms.sarah..:) still,you look gorgeous..:)
such a gorgeous and elegant outfit!:)
Roxanne said…
very fab and sosyal Miss Sarah. lakas makamayaman look :D
Techoy said…
so chic & elegant. pero edgy as well. winner again sarah!
Unknown said…
i love your neck pieces <3