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vertical stripe pants fashion
Good Morning! I sort of woke up today feeling like I'm in limbo. Last night's dream was so weird. I was a Little Pony and I had to save my other Little Pony friends from a raging waterfall. First time I ever dreamt of myself as an animal. A cartoon animal with tattooed candies on my butt.

Anyway...back to fashion. Remember in my last ootd when I said I wasn't in the mood to create elaborate outfits yet? Well, I'm still in that zone and although I didn't receive any encouragement from you guys to keep at it, I can't help it. Good thing I have these bold vertical stripe pants from Romwe that make a statement without having to try so hard. And they're bells! They had it in the skinny version too but god how I miss bells. They are just so much more comfortable. I just wish they made these a little longer so I can wear them with my Lita's and make ala Elton John during his heyday. Hence the title...ahhhh, yes.

Spring/Summer 2013's black and white trend is like a gift from heaven to me. I love black and white so much. I'm sure you've noticed that. But when I first saw the news in my Harper's Bazaar e-magazine I was like oh yes, goddamn, it's about time!

The thing about all the pieces in this outfit is that they are so versatile. I can already imagine a million different looks to try once I get out of my lazy rut. But 'til then....

celine shirt from sheinside | black and white vertical strip pants from romwe | jewelry from plus minus times divide | topshop platforms | nava hat


Unknown said…
nice outfit...loving the pants!
Bryan McGowan said…

Do all your followers know to vote for you at

They should. You look amazing as always.