bys glitter dust for nails

I attended the launch for BYS Glitter Dust for nails last Thursday night...

bys glitter dust for nails
Where Shen, BYS CEO's from Australia and the Philippines as well as locally renowned nail art blogger Rin of Simply Rins, shared with us a little background on this latest product.

I was actually quite amazed at the growth speed of BYS in the Philippines. They started with just one store in SM North 6 months ago and within that timeframe they managed to expand to 65 or 75 stores (around that number, forgot the actual figure but it somewhere along those lines. wow, right? makes me want to get into the cosmetics business myself).

shen's addiction
 What sets BYS apart from other brands is their strong ties with the fashion industry. BYS Australia's CEO, Ed Aitken has worked within the fashion industry for 20 years and is very in tune with the latest trends even before it hits the mainstream market. That is why BYS manages to release products and colors that are in tune with the clothes we wear each season.

bys australia ceo

bys philippines ceo

simply rins
BYS Glitter for nails is the first in the market to produce a kit that creates yummy looking, sugary sweet nails that even the most novice in nail art can easily pull off.
bys glitter for nails swatches

bys glitter for nails

alyanna martinez
In fact, I find it even easier to apply than regular nail polish because you don't have to apply the polish on evenly, just do two rough coats, stick your finger in the pot, then brush off the excess glitter with the brush that comes with the kit. Real easy and it dries a lot quicker too which is great for clutzes like me who end up botching their nail job just minutes after leaving the nail salon.

After just a few minutes and very minimal ease, the result are perfect nails that look professionaly done.
Another thing I love about it is that it sort of has the ability to regenerate itself. Several minutes after I had my nails done, I chipped it. Surprise, surprise :P But probably because of the glitter, it sorted shifted around and it appeared perfect again the next time I checked. Happened again later in the night when I got home, chipped it again but this morning, they look perfect again. I guess I found my polish type and brand :P

I didn't stay long at the event because I had to fetch Nikola from the house of my best friend. She was having a playdate with her daughter. As soon as these two 7 year old girls caught a glimpse of my nails, I was backed into a corner and barraged with questions about my glitter nails. You know how that always ends up with "can you please get one for me?"

When we got home, I had no choice but to give Nikola a manicure. Purple is her favorite color and since that's what I ended up taking home with me from the event, she was totally smitten. In her own words..."I don't care anymore if nail polish is kikay mommy, I just looove it so much!" hahaha

Her birthday is coming up in May and already she's requested a maniped party with, you guessed it, BYS glitter for nails as the centerpiece and giveaway for the event.

BYS is available at all Watsons and SM Department Stores nationwide.


Isabel said…
soo pretty!! how much were they? :)
Hollie said…
I wonder why glittery girly shades always reminds me of Barbie...LOL

those are very pretty!
Random Beauty by Hollie
hi isabel! not sure, but if i am guessing correctly its within the P200* price range :)
Phebie said…
its cost is 499php in all watsons outlet :) got mine too from them