diy dip dye accessories

I don't know what it is about tie dye-ing (and recently, dip dye-ing) that goes so well with summer. Have you noticed? It's not just the trends that come up in broadsheets, it's also this feeling I get when the heats starts penetrating. It gets me in the mood for bright colors, more skin, and yes, tie dye/dip dyed everything.

So here's another fun and easy diy that you can do with materials that are already lying around in your house. Dip dyed accessories. The possiblities of this DIY are endless and you can use the technique for a variety of other projects. Your only limitation is you imagination. :)

diy dip dye accessories

Let's get started...

What you'll need:

  1. 2 colors coordinating polish + white polish or acrylic paint
  2. any kind of sponge
  3. old accessories you'd like to update
  4. any flat surface you can use as a palette (i used an old takeaway lid)

dip dye accessories
 Wipe your accessories clean, make sure they are free of dust, debris, fine hairs, lint and the like. Squeeze a little bit of white paint onto your palette.

Dip a corner of your sponge in the paint and apply to your accessories with quick dabs, making sure you cover all areas.

I choose to cover them all over with white paint first to make the colors pop more.

Once your white paint is dry, it's time to apply color! Determine where you want your first color to end and your second color to begin.

Dip another corner of your sponge in the polish and dab away. Make sure you apply it in quick epileptic dabs and that's it! Just dip, dab, dip dab, dip dab. Easy, right?

I didn't have proper intricate accessories to use for this project at the time, only these old hoop earrings but as you can see in the photos below, the larger and more intricate the piece, the more striking it looks!

There you go! Hope you have fun with this DIY. I've got lots more coming up for you this summer so stay tuned! :)

for questions, feel free to tweet me @sarahtirona


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