grunge prude

Hi all! This is what I wore to the MOVE Fitness and lifestyle store launch. Dress code was sporty. I stopped being sporty a long time ago and only started again recently with Zumba but I do it at home so my "sporty wardrobe" consists of battered old shirts and jogging pants...a combination that isn't really event friendly so I just tried and did the best I could with what I had which was my aerobic wedge trainers from topshop and a tank top. 

Love, love this GN'R tank top I found last month in Forever21. Always been a gn'r fan since appetite and eversince somebody burned all my paraphernalia I have been searching and searching for new ones to avail but they aren't as easy to come by now that hard rock, heavy metal and grunge isn't the music dujour to listen to.

The only thing annoying is that this tank top hangs a bit low...which doesn't bother me much cause I like the peek-a-boo bra effect but Dennis wouldn't let me out of the house that way (god bless his soul) so I had to add a tube underneath it for a more modest look...which I don't like as much as the slutty version. HA-HA.

forever 21 guns n roses tank top | bottomline leather shorts | topshop black aerobic sneakers | rayban aviators | arm party c/o  gold lock army | ear cuff via streetfashionwalk olive | marc jacobs latin ring