happy, mad, happy, mad

I am not bipolar, I guess?  But seriously, these photos were taken last Friday which was very toxic because me and Dennis both had a lot of last minute errands to accomplish before finally leaving for the beach. I was all dressed up for a pool party sponsored by SM Kids Fashion but the effing traffic and long list of chores made it impossible for me to get there at all. 

Impatient, hot headed, + hot weather resulted in a semi-heated exchange between me and my "photographer" before this photo sesh. I am not the type who is able to conceal feelings very well so I guess you will understand why I look pissed off in half of these photos. After we made ammends, we went back to shoot a little bit more because most of the "pre-war" photos were blurry. So half are happy and half are mad. :P

festival fashion

mart of china striped maxi dress

maxi dress fashion

strip maxi dress from mart of china | diy accessories | rayban aviators | sofab sandals | accessorize bag


Christine Liwag said…
I love the dress!!! :">
Christine Liwag said…
I love your dress!! <3
Apple said…
pretty dress. pls tag me pag sawa ka na and for sale na to, pretty please

Adventures of Apple
Issa said…
wow, i love your dress Miss Sarah! :)