Hi! How's everyone doing today? No photos or anything in this post. I just feel like talking about the things that have been going on lately. Care to indulge me?

I am VERY happy to announce that I just had my first voice lesson yesterday. It was crazy. My class was supposed to be at 11am but I woke up at 11am since I forgot all about it the day before and neglected to set my alarm. I rushed with coffee and my usual morning routine. At 11:30, she still wasn't here so I decided to text. I found out I wasn't scheduled because I apparently didn't send a reply to her confirmation text (story of my life).  So anyway, what happened was I got rescheduled to 2pm. Works better for me actually. My palms were sweaty with anticipation. I know it's just lessons but I was nervous as hell. At around 1:30pm I got another text from her to resched at 4pm. So okay, prolonging the agony for another 3 hours was debilitating. I tried to occupy myself with vh1 videos on youtube for the remainder of the afternoon. By the time 4pm came, I was a bag of nerves. O.A. I know, it wasn't as if there would be an audience or anything but I am SUPER shy when it comes to singing (which is why it took me this long to bite the bullet). A few minutes after 4pm, my vocal coach (naks!) finally arrived. We had a short orientation first. She wanted to know my goals, expectations and musical influences. After the formalities, it was time to sing. (GAH!) We both decided that Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" was a good song to start with. So she had me singing the chorus to gauge the quality of my voice. She said I had a strong voice but I needed to get rid of the apprehension and open my mouth more. (it's the nerves and I'm trying real hard to overcome that but despite that  I was super kilig with her comments, still im no singer...YET :P) When we were done with the "Dreams" bit, I did some funny vocalization excercises on my own and with the piano and then it was back to the song. My homework is to watch live performances of my favorite songs (I lavet, if only school had the same assignments I would've passed with flying colors). So that's what I've been doing A LOT MORE than usual which means pretty much the whole day since I was already heavily doing that even before my lessons. The only difference now is that I know which parts to pay attention to more. I can't wait for the day when I can properly sing "The Man Who Sold The World".

My next class will be on Monday next week since I will be out of town this weekend. I am already excited for it and I'm so glad I decided to finally suck it in and learn from a proper teacher. It's definitely helping me get out of the funk I've been experiencing for awhile. I highly suggest everyone to learn something new this summer. Something you've always wanted to cross off your bucket list. It's now or never guys. The feeling is exhilarating. I promise.


Bryan M said…
"The Man Who Sold The World"...excellent choice. I'm sure we would all love to see the video of you singing that, Sarah.
ErikaRodica.com said…
Where are you taking your voice lessons? :D
erika: home service, you want her number? :)
nice to hear from you again bryan. hope youre doing well. i promise to put up that video as soon as im ready :)

@anqagon- 2 words: ukelele lessons!!!!