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As you read this, I am hopefully on vacation already in the beach. Yahoo! I've really been looking forward to this trip for quite some time. So starting today til Sunday, it'll be scheduled posts. I promise to answer your questions as soon as I get back next week.

Okay, the thing is....when it comes to shooting clothes for the blog, some of the hardest things to shoot are skirts with slits, like this one, cape dresses, and the like. It took quite some time before me and Ana were able to capture the cape of my romwe dress flowing in this post. Good thing Ana was patient but I can't exactly say the same about Dennis. Remember he's the 1,2,3,4,5 clicks kinda guy and that's all I get for a shoot. So the slit is fail. Sad, since the drama effect while walking looks really good. Oh well, maybe in a future post when Ana is around.

Just like a good basic plain white shirt, a good striped tee is almost impossible to find. Right? You would think they would make more of it since it's such a basic and classic piece but no, it's really difficult to find something that fits right, has a nice fabric with a justifiable price. When I see a nice plain white shirt or striped tee, I make it a point to purchase right away since they are so hard to come by. This shirt I got from ahai shopping fits the bill. It has a slight stretch to it but it's not clingy. Also, it's thick enought so I don't have to worry about holes after a few washings.

black maxi skirt fashion

black white fashion

topshop studded leather jacket fashion

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Fash Boulevard said…
You can never go wrong with stripes and this looks is beyond fabulous. You look so amazing.

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