k-palette 24-h real lasting eyeliner - improved!

So yesterday afternoon, our guard presented me with a surprise package. Nobody told me they were sending anything so I was skeptical at first, then I opened up the plastic pouch and found a beautifully wrapped box with Beauty Box on it. Once I saw the words Beauty Box, my heart started thumping. I always love what they send me. No fail. When I opened it, I shrieked, quite literally in fact.  Inside were my favorite K-Palette essentials. 

At first glance, I thought they were just the same products from before with the addition of their new pencil liner (more on that in a different post) but upon further inspection, I realized that it was an improved variation of their tatoo liner. Eeep! First thought that came to mind though was how they could possibly improve on something that I already thought was perfect? Well, they did. Here's how.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile now or if you know me personally, you've probably heard me rave and talk about K-Palette's liners A LOT. I honestly swear by them and its the only brand of liquid liner that I use. There was nothing to diss about it then and there's just more to love about it now.

k-pallete 24h real lasting eyeliner brown

k-palette real lasting eyeliner

The new and improved 1 Day Tattoo Liners boast an even faster drying time plus a thicker formula which results in a deep, rich color even hours or rather 24 hours after application. No panda eyes and no need to touch up! If that still isn't enough reason for you to pick up your own pen, it now also comes with a special formulation that nourishes the delicate skin in your eye area. And personally, what I lovee most about K-Palette's Eyeliners is that they are so easy to use. It's the only brand that I can apply properly with just one hand. Also, I love the fact that they wash off with just lukewarm water and yet remain waterproof. I will always be puzzled as to how they are able to do this. Anyway, I don't dwell on it so much since I'm lazy..I hate the extra step of having to use make up remover to my already tedious facial clean up so this totally works for me. Saves me a lot of time plus it works perfectly.

Do yourself a favor, make life easier for yourself and pick up one of these immediately. But you gotta hurry cause black goes out of stock really fast!

K-Palette is exclusively available in Beauty Bar. 
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A N A G O N said…
Ang kikay nung "shriek" part! :D Hehehehe!
Issa said…
I super love their lasting 2 way eyebrow but haven't tried the liners! I gotta get one! :)