k-palette 24h real lasting eye pencil

Good Morning! I'm back and still raving about K-Palette but this time, it's their newly launched real lasting eye pencil that I'm going to talk about.

I have always been more of a liquid liner kinda girl because I like my eyeliner to be precise and out there with wings and whatnots. So far, the other pencil liners I tried never gave me the level of pigmentation that I search for in a liner. They always seem kinda diluted and I would have to keep on applying it to make it look richer. The downside to this is that it sometimes tends to look too thick and smokey (or maybe it's my lack of professional application skills, but hey, I'm guessing most of us are average?) which is good for night-outs or days when I feel more "goth-like" (hehe) but this hardly ever happens and the look really won't fly for a normal day out to the grocery. Also, they most often then not smudge during the day which gives me an even more heavy metal/heroin addict kinda look. Again, not good for daily errands.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from this new eye pencil from K-Palette because well, it's a pencil. But I still decided to give it a try. Lo and behold and perhaps not too surprising to you but definitely very surprising to me, I loved it.

It's very different from all the other eye pencils I've tried in the past. It almost feels like a hybrid.

Just like the 24h liquid tattoo liners from K-Palette, the eye pencil also contains 3 beauty essences that nurture your skin.

Now the question, you all want answered. How is it different from other eye pencils?

First, it comes in a twist tube which automatically makes it more convenient to use. No need to lug around a sharpener. Next, the texture. It's almost creamy and it glides on thick effortlessly. If you're familiar with oil pastels on paper, it almost feels the same way but softer. The color is highly pigmented which results in a truly intense, gorgeous black (or brown) line. And lastly, IT DOESNT SMUDGE at all. I tried rubbing the line I created on my hand right after application and it stayed put without the slightest change. It worked exactly the same on my oily eyelids which were fresh with an application of eyecream. Still no smudge. In fact, after washing my hands several times yesterday and taking a shower and washing hands again today, there is still a hint of a line from yesterday's application. It truly stays true to its word as a "tattoo" liner.

Also, I love the way it compliments my eyes by giving it this really intense, sexy, almost scorching look (in mine and dennis's opinion :P)  that I don't get from liquid liners. So yes, I strongly suggest you make a visit to Beauty Bar and get a couple swatches for yourself.  In my humble opinion, K-Palette liners are truly the best eyeliners available in the market today.

k-palette 24h real lasting eye pencil

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jawsmayobanico said…
How much is it and where can I get one?
jawsmayobanico said…
How mush is it and where can I get one?
Unknown said…
ooh i've been hearing about this a lot and really want to try it out!
jawsmayobanico: beauty bar, around P800 :)
Hollie said…
wow! I love how truly pigmented they are! and looks like they have a smooth finish. I want! ^_^