let's pretend it's raining...

because it's soooo freaking hot! I mean seriously right? Di na makatarungan yung init na to! 

So anyway, how do you like the tone of my photos lately? I've been using this new effect (well not so new but fairly new) on ribbet.com called "fiji". It creates sort of subdued, vintage-y, dreamy photos. I like it better because I find it easier on the eyes but Dennis prefers my photos bright with bold colors. What do you think?

Anyway again, I have always wanted a parka/raincoat because I never had one in my life except maybe when I was in kindergarten. I wanted one that was lightweight and could fit into a little pouch and nothing plain because plain is too boring :P So when I saw this one in Sheinside I made it a point to get it right away cause I had a feeling it would go out of stock real quickly. True enough, after tracking my order after a few days, I saw that it was out of stock already but I think they since restocked it already since. But at the time I wasn't sure if they would because sometimes they dont. blah blah blah.

In other news, I'm getting tired of trying to sing Dreams over and over again so we're gonna try to switch it up a little with "Linger" by the cranberries. I'll let you know how that goes. First, I gots ta practice! :)

sheinside polka dot raincoat 

polka dot raincoat fashion

polka dot parka fashion
polka-dot raincoat/parka/jacket from sheinside | eyelet shorts from elle girl | and yes the lita's are back | diy neon yellow tank | vintage shades


Roxanne said…
I love your parka, ang cool tignan
bagay na bagay sa hot weather :D

btw-I love your photos, looks really vintage ;)

Anupriya DG said…
OMG! I LOVE your nag! That pop of red is perfect for the black & white outfit! :)
Issa said…
i think i prefer bright colors too for your photos! love your raincoat! :)