move fitness and lifestyle store

Have you seen Move? It's the new fitness and lifestyle store at Two Parkade in BGC. I attended their official launch yesterday...Here's what happened:

But first, some pics of the store. Move carries equipment, accessories and apparel from some of the world's leading fitness brands such as Startac, Sole, Danskin, Proteus, JK, Go Fit, Biggest Loser, TRX, Polar, Theraband, CW-X Compression Wear and a lot more.

I love how they arrange their merchandise into different fitness categories rather than just random displays most other stores have. It really  makes it a lot easier to find equipment that is relevant for your needs.

I used to have this misconception that gym equipment is pricey and I was surprised to find out that a lot of options out there are actually really affordable...

Another discovery that made me really happy were finding these sports bras that come in DD's!!!  Yay!!! It has been soooo difficult for me to find sports bras that fit in the past, now I know where to go!

Throughout the event, I had the same recurring thought..."this store is totally unique, it has the feel of a passion project"....

It' s summer season once again and we all know that summer is synonymous with the beach, bathing suits and bikini shots. We all want to look our best for the season and MOVE is the first place you should head to if you're thinking of getting fit. The people behind MOVE are very passionate about what they do.  Being surrounded by their staff and listening to their president , Toby Claudio speak made it evident to me that they really want to spread the fitness word with the world. 

Like I have mentioned in my previous posts and tweets, I have recently started doing Zumba and I'm really into it. It's not a cliche..getting regular excercise does wonders not just for the body but also for the soul. I feel so much better since I started and I highly recommend everyone to find a fitness routine that you like and stick with it, not just for the season, but for life. 

MOVE is your best bet to help you determine a routine that is perfect for you and stick with it. Move offers their customers a goal based approach called the "MOVE BODY PROJECT". The Move Body Project starts off with a free full-body composition analysis using a state-of-the art machine previously available only in hospitals. Then MOVE’s fitness consultants assist customers in identifying their state of health and help them mark the starting point of their journey to better fitness.  Following the analysis, MOVE then aids the customer in choosing the appropriate equipment from their wide selection of fitness gear to achieve one of four goals – Burn, Build, Active or Perform. Moreover, MOVE ensures that every customer leaves their store knowing how to properly use each piece of equipment by prescribing basic workouts.  

this is what it looks like when you get your body assesed...

To show how serious it is in helping its customers get fit, MOVE provides motivation by encouraging customers to come back after 90 days to get tested again and rewarding them with prizes if they achieve their goal. 

If MOVE doesn't make you move and get off your butt, I don't know what else will.

For more information, contact (02) 403 1787 or visit MOVE Fitness Lifestyle Store at Two Parkade 30th Street of Fort Bonifacio Global City or log on to

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