no stiff? no sweat! - a review

Lovely play on words don't you think? Haha, I just couldn't resist. It was all I could think about the first time I saw these products. No stiff massage oil? Naughty, naughty. 

But seriously, all kidding aside, when it comes to these 2 that is where the humor ends. They're both really good products and not to mention, very affordable as well. 

First, let's talk about my favorite...No Stiff! (HA-HA)

Sorry, sorry, sorry, the name lang talaga! Anyway, No Stiff is a body massage lotion that heals and warms the body as you massage it. It's great for tummy aches, painful backs (which I both always have) and all other assortments of aches and pains here, there and wherever..just not down there. :P

This is the surprising part. It also works great on healing minor burns, scratches, cuts, cracked skin and insect bites. I was really afraid to try this at first because hello, menthol + open wound? But being your resident guinea pig I decided to give it a go. I used it on this wound on my ankle and it worked, wasn't painful either.

jtomas solutions no stiff
 No sweat on the other hand, is like a gentler version of Driclor. Are you familiar with Driclor?

I'm not really a deodorant type of person. Thank god for good genes from my mom's chinese side of the family, I never really needed it much either except during the hot scroching months of summer. However, Dennis has always suffered from excessive sweating (sorry babe, please don't get mad at me for sharing this with the public. mwah). Some people really suffer from a certain condition where they really sweat a a lot to the point that it soaks up their shirts and creates awful pit stains and the like. These are the people who use Driclor. It contains and controls the sweating. The downside to Driclor is that it is expensive and extremely harsh on the skin. But it really works. Dennis just uses it for about 4 times in a year to control his sweat glands. But then like I said it is also very strong and can burn or rather really burns the skin. 

No sweat kind of works the same way as Driclor but you have to use it more often. Like say, 2 days in a week to control it for the rest of the 5 days. This actually works better for me since No Sweat only costs P88/bottle as opposed to Driclor's P600*/bottle. Also, No Sweat's formula is a lot gentler. It doesn't turn your armpits dark and I didn't experience any stinging sensation at all. Plus you can use it on all problem areas of your body like your feet, hands, etc. Nervous about a first date? Pick this up first to get rid of dyahe clammy hands that will surely ruin anyone's game.

No Sweat and No Stiff are available in all Watsons, Landmark, Unimart, Cash and Carry, Gaisano, Metro Gaisano and other supermarkets and department stores nationwide.