unboxing my limited edition "elite bdjbox"

Everybody likes surprises right? But surprises are sweeter when you know that you've earned them...

Imagine my surprise yesterday when the guard handed me quite a weighty package in a box. The box was slightly bigger than the regular BDJ Boxes so I was really curious to find out what was inside the plastic pouch. I wasn't expecting to receive another BDJ Box since I just recently received my April box and last I checked, May isn't anywhere near yet (ok, maybe a little near, it just sounds better to write it that way...).

And then I tore up the pouch and saw this...a heart-melting, pay-it-forward message from the BDJ Box team....

They sent me an "Elite" BDJ Box as a thank you for the many times I have shared my unboxings and product reviews with you guys on my blog, ig and other platforms. Awww...

And no sh*#, this box definitely deserves to be called an "elite box". It is the mother of all boxes. I won't even bother to attempt and try to do the math since the iSkin moisturizer alone already costs a small fortune. I believe you guys are more or less getting the ball park figure already just by glancing at the brand names...And mind you, most are full-size.

Just to encourage you guys a little more...let me make a quick rundown of its contents...

  1. Davines Nounou Shampoo 
  2. Davines Nounou Conditioner
  3. Celeteque Cleansing Oil
  4. iSkin Daily Sunshield
  5. Ahava Day Moisturizer
  6. Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick
  7. Neutregena Sunblock
  8. Viva La Juicy La Fleur
  9. Sureslim Wellness Gift Voucher worth P1500
Okay, I can't help it, a rough estimate of its contents amount to around P7-8K and I got all of it for free just because I'm cool. Hehehe, just kidding. I got this because I worked for it which makes it even sweeter. So guys, keep sharing your unboxings and product reviews on your different social media platforms. It doesn't matter where or which ones you have. It could be on your Facebook page or Instagram. Just do it from the heart and be loyal :)

To subscribe for your very own BDJBox, visit: http://bdjbox.com/