So last night I was watching this porn documentary. Documentary, not porn. :P So anyway, it was a little depressing but it also got me thinking about how we are a bunch of hypocrites who prefer to keep sex in a dark little corner of our lives when in fact most peoples lives revolve around it and I say this in the most practical way.

Sex is sex, it doesn't matter how you decide to do it or which manner you decide to do it in. At the end of the day, it still falls under the same name. The only altercation would probably be wether you decide to call it making love or the f word. But we all know that's just a bunch of bullshit to make someone feel better. It is what it is.

And what it is, is important. If you're single and a kid in high school reading this, don't listen to me. This doesn't concern you yet and you should most definitely hold it off for as long as you can (love in high school rarely lasts and there are just a bunch of boys out there who are just totally dedicated to getting into your panties).

So anyway, going back after that little disclaimer...when you're of age and married or in a serious relationship. Sex becomes really important. From experience, I've learned that it is the glue that can keep you together. It's not only fun but it also creates a special secret bond between myself and my partner that keeps our relationship young and fresh.

But like with everything important, repetition becomes boring and renders the task useless. Robotic sex doesn't quite do the job. Having robotic sex is just like running on the treadmill. It's pointless unless you want to lose some weight or just get off for the sake of it.

To keep things exciting, it is sometimes necessary to bring in some toys or costumes in the bedroom. Problem is, most that are available are just plain tacky. We want to look sexy, wild and confident, not whorish. Anyway, I also don't enjoy feeling like a whore (most of the time. there are special moments reserved just for that but let's not get into detail :P anyway....) . I like being in control and looking good helps me keep that line of control in the bedroom.

There's a fine line between sexy and tacky and as a part-fashion blogger, I think it's okay if I also share with you how to dress underneath your fabulous clothes. We're all adults here and it's fun to get a little cheeky once in awhile.

Anyway after several hours of searching, I came up witht these:

So, there. That's my little sex bit (pun intended. haha). That felt quite refereshing. Here's a parting note to my single ladies who are of age. It does your self confidence wonders when you wear sexy lingerie under your party clothes. It's like invisble empowerment. Try it, let me know :)


Megann Monday said…
Interesting topic and I think you made a good point :) I actually love looking at lingerie because they are honestly very beautiful (except for those tacky, whorish ones you mentioned of course). My favorite from the set you posted would have to be the first one :)

Rae said…
I invest in my undergarments. There are multi-purpose ones that look cute/ sexy but can still be worn under regular clothes.

I love lingerie.

And yes. Sex is important. Important enough to spend time improving on, thinking about, planning for, and setting aside time to 'do'.