DIY: 2 minute beach shirt

Granted, I probably have the worst timing in the world. I've had this in my hard drive for quite some time and I really should have posted this on the blog before the infamous #laboracay weekend. The reason for my procrastination is because I wanted to do a "when worn" shot but I never got around to doing it so I might as well just post this already and have a follow up with that in a different article. Hoping laboracay isn't your last beach getaway for the summer, here's a super, quick, easy and cute crop top that you can wear over bikinis. Come to think of it, they would also look great with shorts during a casual stroll in the mall.

What You'll Need:

  1. mens t-shirt
  2. scissors
  3. tape measure
How To:

First, you can opt to eaither cut off the sleeves or just fold them over several times like the ones found in Topshop. I got these from Dennis's closet and cut off the sleeves a long time ago so I wasn't faced with the same option. Didn't want to ruin any more of his shirts... :P

fashion diy
Measure how long you want your finished shirt to be...mark/fold...
beach shirt diy

Snip a small section on one side...

beach shirt tutorial

And cut on both sides all the way towards the middle leaving about 2 inches...

diy crop top 

Cut bunny ears into your square like this:

diy topshop crop top

Snip back portion of your shirt (the reason why you want to do this separately from the front is so you'll have an even hem)

topshop crop top tutorial

Tie bunny ears into a knot...

diy beach fashion

And you're done! Wear and style with pride your very own homemade crop top/beach shirt!

diy festival fashion

Click this for my tutorial  + tips on how to cheat your way into a crop top! No cosmetics, washboard tummy or crash diets needed! ;)