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What influences your decision to buy a pair of shoes? In my case, the design is what always captures my attention first and the rest is secondary.

I learned some new things about shoe shopping during the Dr. Kong press launch in Guevarra's a couple days ago that I'm sure will interest you as well.

First things first are you familiar with Dr. Kong? I've seen the shops in some malls but never really paid mind cause I thought they were seriously devout orthopedic shoes with the same orthopedic look. Turns out, they've been around since 1999 and have managed to marry both style, comfort and health resulting in footwear that doesn't only look great but feels great as well.

dr, kong press launch guevarra's
Shopping at Dr. Kong is unlike any other shoe shopping experience you've had before. They don't just suggest the latest styles for you, they actually have an in-store "testing machine" (sorry, that's the best name I can come up with, not really good with scientific terms but I'm sure there's an apprpriate name for it :P anyway...) which determines which shoe will work best to heal and correct your foot problems. Turns out most of us suffer from being flat footed which result in many other types of symptoms.

Parents like me should also be aware of the different footwear needs of our children during each stage of their lives and Dr. Kong addresses that issue with appropriate shoes for every development stage. There a re thin soled shoes for babies learning how to walk, flexible running shoes for toddlers and a wide variety of other styles, including school shoes, for older kids. Letting them wear the right pair of shoes helps in preventing future problems like knock-knees and flat feet.

Check out the new designs from Dr. Kong that are currently available in their stores:

The shoes are definitely well-made, affordable (around 3k), stylish and ultra-comfortable. I highly suggest women in the corporate world to invest in a black pair of pumps from Dr. Kong to avoid those dreaded varicose veins and bunions.

dr. kong shoes

dr. kong philippines

Aside from footwear, Dr. Kong also carries school bags and backpacks which are scientifically designed to avoid putting pressure on the spine's back plate. Constant pressure on the back plate of our spine can cause our kids to become "hunchbacked" and develop serious back problems in the future. Their bags also come with a waist strap which transfers the load to our pelvic region instead of our shoulders. 

And here's some great news for all you of you (most especially the ladies). Dr. Kong also carries magic gel shoe inserts for every style of footwear possible, (including thong sandals!) so you can virtually turn any shoe you have in your closet into a comfotable pair that you can wear all day, everyday! They even have strap guards to fix the issue of those burns we sometimes get from tough leather straps.  What's even better is that Dr. Kong's patented gel inserts are hypoallergenic and 100% re-usable and interchangeable. It's made of a special type of gel that you can re-stick over and over to different pairs of shoes. If you feel like it isn't as sticky anymore as the first day you purchsed it, all you have to do is wash it with soap and water and it sticks like a wonder once again! Neato! 

To shop Dr. Kong, you can visit their branches located at: Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Magnolia, Sekai Center and SM Aura Premiere

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