how to avoid frumpy without looking slutty

There is a fine line between sexy and slutty which is very easy to cross without even noticing it. Final checks in the mirror before heading out are always a pre-requisite when you plan to embark on the risque.  However, slutty is also something that is very relative. What may seem slutty for some may not be the same for others. It's quite a sensitive topic (I guess?) so I'll just go generic on the tips arena. A lot of aspects also depend on age and body type when it comes to this issue so it's hard to be totally specific. Anyway, hope this helps. :)

First let's tackle frumpy and why you should avoid it. Frumpy can project an image of low self-confidence and low self-esteem. Traits that aren't very favorable wether you're dealing with trying to get a new job or keeping your partner interested. It can also make you look much older and much fatter (ack!). I'm sure it has many, many other disadvantages but let's not dwell on the negative...

This topic is close to my heart because it was primarily the reason behind my decision to start this blog. Frumpy doesn't happen overnight. It just sort of creeps up on you, (in my case, after getting pregnant and while having a toddler) and then one day you catch a reflection of yourself in those shiny mall pillars and the image you see freaks you out. What the f happened? 

So here, some tips to remember to avoid looking frumpy...without looking slutty:

  1. Skin. Bare a little but not too much. The safest way to balance it out is by choosing one body part at a time to "showcase".
  2. Curves. Tight dresses with short hems will give you instant sexpot status but try to limit wearing them at clubs and other appropriate places only. For day, cover up a little with a nice jacket or cardigan. Wear with sandals at night but keep to flats during the day.
  3. If you're like me and hate clingy, tight clothes, try to keep loose clothing to one piece at a time = loose pants+proper fitting top, tight bottoms + loose top. (Although, I personally break this rule a lot :P)
  4. Sunglasses are always chic, great, effortless way to add mystery and edge to any look.
  5. Know your body. Rules are meant to be broken. These tips are just guides. Don't be afraid to experiment and try different combinations. Like I said these pointers are "generic". Just do the mirror double check before heading out.
  6. If you're tall and flat chested, bare as much as you want, these rules don't apply. LUCKY YOU!!!
  7. Be wary of prints. Some can make you look really old and dated.
  8. Open up the buttons on your oxfords/longsleeved polos til just above your cleavage. Not only does it elongate the body, it also makes you look slimmer. If you're feeling conscious, add a strategic necklace to "cover up" a bit. Make sure it's a relaxed fitting top, nothing too tight.
  9. SEXY footwear. 
  10. Shift dresses always work and they work for any age, height or body type.
I guess that'll do for now. I'm no expert, just trying to help. Hope you don't mind my incessant ramblings lately. :)

Now let's apply some of those tips to this look I have for you today...

Was feeling particularly lazy on this day so I decided to go with a relaxed effortless look, channeling the "nightgown" theme that I am singlehandedly trying to turn into a trend cause like I said, I'm lazy like that. :P

This tiger print dress from Daisy Jane Clothing can work as a tunic or as a dress. Since I am short and well-endowed, I decided to go with it as a dress (short hem, balance with loose silhouette + feature only one body part - legs), added some sexy but boyish footwear to the mix, plus sunglasses. Boom! I can be lazy and relaxed without looking frumpy! (in my own humble opinion at least) See?? Isn't the nightgown thing awesome?

tiger print dress street style

tiger print fashion


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