how to camouflage hips when outerwear is not an option

Morning folks! Or should I say afternoon? Been sleeping longer hours eversince I started doing Zumba on a regular basis. It really tires you out but I read in Vogue recently that it really is a must to sleep longer (at least 8 hours) when you work out because you need to give your muscles enough time to rest, recuperate and regenerate.

Okay, back to those pestersome hips. Despite being petite, I am quite "Hip-py" for my height. They tend to jut out especially when I wear trousers or pleated shorts. In colder weather, I usually disguise the width with outerwear...but since the heat has been excruciating lately, just the sight of a jacket makes me start sweating. So what do I do especially when these floral trousers are so perfect for the season??? I create an illusion with assymetrical tops like this one. :) Sheer kimonos also work great but they tend to look odd with trousers so I suggest the kimono for outfits revolving around shorts or jeans. Another thing you can do is wear chunky /eye catching necklaces or earrings that will draw the eye away from your hips. OR, you can hide the bulk with a great looking oversized bag! :P

white heels street style

mirror sunglasses fashion

floral pants street style

mirror sunglasses street style

white celine wedge pumps street style
assymetrical white top from mart of china | topshop floral trousers | gold dot karine pumps in white | cotton on mirror sunglasses | parisian "cabas" bag | sm accessories necklace | goldlock army bracelet

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I love your shoes!!:) Tempts me really to get the silver. I've been eyeing on them before it even came out!:)) Hmm.. must resist! Oh and I like the bag too!
Anonymous said…
your trousers are perfection! love your tote, too!

toni perfumed red shoes
Anonymous said…
your trousers are perfection! love your tote, too!

toni perfumed red shoes
Life's a shoe said…
nice outfit! loving the necklace
Fash Boulevard said…
Loving your outfit. Those pants and that necklace are AMAZING.

I'd love for you to stop by and check out my latest outfit.