how to cheat your way into a crop top

Crop tops are definitely not for everyone (myself included) but they are so cute, youthful and summery that I can't help but want to try to rock the trend at least a couple times. The problem is, I don't have a flat washboard tummy AND I have stretchmarks from pregnancy.  So what to do when posed with these problems? Fake it to make it! Here are some tips on how you can cheat your way into a crop top.

  1. The lower pelvic region (?) near your crotch is usually much flatter than the belly so pick a crop top that is a bit longer (like the one I'm wearing in this post) and match with super low slung bottoms. I opted to go with shorts since I wore this to last night's Slash concert in Araneta Coliseum (which was of epic proportions...gahhh). But this trick will also work great with maxi skirts.
  2. For shorter crop tops, get a pair of Spanx and some high waist bottoms. If you feel like the look is still a bit too revealing, you can throw in a great blazer or jacket to cover up a bit and create a more sophisticated look.
  3. Don't care. Don't be conscious. Be happy. Be free. Own it.

crop top fashion

giyongchy crop top
A couple of photos from last night's concert. Super fun, made me feel like I was back in the 90s.  The experience of being in a moshpit while your childhood hero plays just a few feet away from you is immeasurable. Will share more in a different post as well as some photos.

slash in manila concert

slash in manila
romwe giyongchy crop top in black | bottomline leather shorts | black topshop aerobic sneakers | cotton on mirror sunglasses


D said…
I love the tips!!! Ohhh and Giyongchy top. DOn't tell me your a fan of G-dragon of Bigbang too? HEHE So cool!

Bryan said…
An awesome look for you Sarah. very nice.