how to wear the black and white trend

Hi All! I'm back again with some not-so-expert advice on the black and white trend. :P

First, let's talk about this new color fad. I first discovered how big it was going to get when I saw the ad for Louis Vuittion in an early Harper's Bazaar issue this 2013. The 60s inspired black and white checkerboard print clothes and bags were so eye-catching and fresh I was sure that millions of people would soon follow suit and make it their own. Personally, I was just really, really happy because I have always been such a black and sometimes white person that I have tons of clothing in these colors stocked in my closet. 

Here's the catch. When it comes to a trend that is as simple as black and white, pulling it off isn't as "black and white" as it may seem. Yes, you can wear the colors but it doesn't mean that it'll instantly give you style points. Here's a few tips to keep in ming when dressing in black and white....

  1. Keep textures and cuts interesting.
  2. Dabble in bold geometric prints and unexpected stripes.
  3. Pair with gold for a glamourous look, silver for an edgier take and clear accessories for a super fashion forward look! :)
  4. If you're feeling lazy and want to don a plain white shirt, black pants or vice versa, try to keep your shoes interesting. Brogues work great or if your top and bottom is well-tailored, you can also go with a nice pair of black flats for a chic minimalist look.
  5. Invest in a pair of white pumps like these super comfortable Karine wedges from Gold Dot! :)
Hope you enjoyed and found these tips useful!!! Here's my take on a super relaxed version of the black and white trend:

vertical strip pants street style

white zara shoulder bag 2013

white pumps street style

hi-lo tank from Topshop | necklace from sm accessories | funky plum vintage leggings | gold dot karine pumps | zara bag | hued bags clear studded bracelet | cotton on mirror sunglasses | 


Issa said…
i love the leggings! :)