hurraw! review - our new obssesion

Hurraw not hooray. Although I must say, changing their name to the former isn't such a bad idea cause that is definitely how I felt the first time I tried these wonder lippies. First things first, they are so yummy! When it comes to lipgloss and lipsticks, taste and scent is very important to me because it's right on your lips and right under my nose. I can't stand a foul-smelling/tasting, overbearing lip product. Hurraw lip balms taste like yummy fruit candies from childhood. They are so good that Nikola keeps asking for a re-application since she licks it off immediately after putting it on. The smell and taste is just so irresistable, I can't blame her. Even Dennis likes it...and that's saying something!

hurraw lip balm review

10 Things I Love About Hurraw! Lip Balms:
  1. all natural, organic
  2. raw, vegan
  3. shape! it's oval so it fits perfect in my jean pockets. no 
  4. gluten-free, No GMO's
  5. fair trade yet very affordable!
  6. super smooth
  7. not sticky but keeps lips moisturized
  8. not too glossy, just right
  9. long lasting
  10. yummy!

hurraw black cherry

Aside from all that, it also comes in recyclable packaging , contains zinc oxide (instant spf points!), and most importantly, it does not contain any petroleum, parabens, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors! Super safe to use even on young kids!

in case you didn't know...petroleum jelly is a bi-product of oil drilling and has serious links to cancer. Most lip products contain petroleum jelly. Applying petroleum jelly to your lips is like drinking gasoline! Yuck!

FYI: Hurraw's CORE INGREDIENTS: almond oil, coconut oil, cacao butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, castor oil, cadelilla wax

If you're ready to switch to a better lip balm, you can order your own tube of Hurraw! at but you better hurry, some of them flavors go real fast.