juju eats + kick-start coffee review

So like I said in my previous post, the para'kito and lifefactory event yesterday was held in Juju Eats.
Juju Eats wasn't really part of the press kit, meaning I don't really have to blog about it but I enjoyed my stay so much that I decided to "help a brother out".

Juju Eats is brought to you by the same people behind Juju Cleanse. It's a small cafeteria style restaurant located at the BCS Building along Pasong Tamo extension. Their menu mainly consists of salads and wraps. 

Juju Eats give you the freedom to create your own combination of fresh produce either in a salad or wrap form. If you don't have the time or patience to fiddle around and experiment, they also have pre-designed salads/wraps that are super yummy.

juju eats

We all had different salads yesterday and just started dipping into each other's bowls. Everything I tried was delicious...the greek salad, pasta salad, etc but my favorite of all was what I ordered. The Big Boy salad. Juju serves their salads in generous-sized stainless steel mixing bowls, enough to actually turn your salad into a meal instead of a side dish or an appetizer. I'm a big rice person but the salads at Juju were so good that I did not miss it at all. 

Eversince the hot summer months struck, I lost my appetite. The only thing that whets my palette are big salads. My previous favorites were the grilled/bbq chicken types with mandarins in some popular American chain restaurants. But I can't just eat grilled chicken salads with mandarins everyday. I have been looking for a place with more variation and REALLY fresh and high quality produce. I found it in Juju Eats (yay!) sadly, it's so far from where I live and it's quite difficult for me to drag Dennis that far with just a "salad promise", if it was steak, I wouldn't have to try so hard. But salads don't really cut it for him so I'm gonna have to figure out a way to make him want to go...Juju Eats, if you're reading this, please open a branch in the Greenhills area soon. (thanks!)

juju eats review
 Aside from wraps and salads, Juju Eats also serves fresh and healthy fruit shakes, sodas and smoothies. Their Ginger Soda is a must try. Very refreshing.

Another favorite of mine at Juju Eats is their coffee. Juju Eats serves locally roasted premium coffee called Kick-Start coffee. Kick-start coffee just recently started in the retail business but it's mother company has apparently been one of the top leaders in the coffee import-export business since the 1970s. They have supplied hotels, restraurants and established coffee companies such as Hills Brothers, Folgers, Farmer Brothers and Boyds Coffee in Portland. 

What I love about Kick-start coffee is it's non-acidic, smooth quality. I always take my coffee black so I really get to taste it for what it is since I never add sugar or milk. Most local robust coffees have a strong acidic undertone to them, while their flavor, albeit rightly bitter has a sort of tangy hint to it. For a smooth experience without the tang or acidity, I usually have to result to weak coffee. Kick-start coffee on the other hand is smooth and defnitely robust (like a Johnny Blue). I underestimated their coffee and took a cup at 5pm because I'm usually not affected by late afternoon/night caffeine fixes. I can still go to sleep afterwards but last night was a different story. Kick-start kept me up for a couple of restless hours. Something I really look for in my cup of coffee every morning. I cannot survive a day without coffee, 4 cups if its weak. I think I'm good with 1-2 cups of Kick-start a day. 

kick-start coffee
 Back to my Big Boy Salad...

My Big Boy Salad consisted of fresh, crisp romaine lettuce, red kidney beans, monterey jack cheese, grilled chicken, bacon, hardboiled eggs, roasted bell peppers and I forget...I think that's it but I could be missing a thing or two. It was served with the most delicious ranch dressing I have ever tried. The bacon wasn't also in bits, they were huge, thick but cripy cuts (not sure if they're homemade but I wouldn't be surprosed if they were), the chicken portion was also way beyond generous. 

If you happen to visit Juju Eats, this Big Boy Salad is a definite MUST TRY. It will leave you craving the same way I am now after just a day.

for more info on Kick-Start Coffee and where to buy, you can visit: http://mykickstartcoffee.com/
for more info on Juju Eats, LIKE their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JujuEats?fref=ts