lifefactory flip and para'kito at juju eats

Safe. Simple. Smart.

I spent yesterday afternoon learning about how to live healthy and the importance of going back to basics  at (probably) the Metro's healthiest restaurant, Juju Eats (brought to you by the same people behind Juju Cleanse...will write more about the resto in a separate post).

Back to the topic at hand, the focus of the intimate affair was on 2 products, the first being Lifefactory and the second, Para'Kito.

LifeFactory is the manufacturer of  those chic, silicone covered glass bottles that you see the trendy set carrying around everywhere. Why are they so in demand? Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, LifeFactory's brand ambassador was there to enlighten us on several important points as to why these bottles are a must-have in every house
bianca araneta-elizalde for lifefactory
Why go glass? Because it is BPA/BPS-free and Phthalate Free. As you are most probably aware now, these chemicals are present in most plastic products and are extremely toxic to humans. What's worse is that the more you sterilize your bottles to keep your kids safe, the extreme heat reacts with the plastic and causes it to release more of these compounds into your child's drink. The same thing happens when you leave plastic bottled water under the sun.

Aside from that, I also find glass to be a lot cleaner. It doesn't retain smell from detergents, juices or milk. When I was a baby, there were no plastic bottles yet. My mom used to rave about them so much that when I was pregnant with Nikola, I looked all over for the same glass bottles. It was so difficult to find any and when I finally did, Dennis pointed out their "breakability" and how dangerous sharred glass can be so we ended up with a popular plastic brand instead - which I was never truly happy with because we could never get rid of the smell of milk and detergent no matter what we did. 

What's great about LifeFactory is that it combines the convernience of a plastic bottle with the safety and cleanliness of a glass bottle. The interchanegeble silicone caps and sleeves don't just give you endless looks and combinations, they also work great as bumpers and prevent your bottles from shattering even if you accidentally drop them to the floor. LifeFactory comes in different styles and sizes to match all the life stages of all the members in your family, from your tiniest newborn to the man of the house.
lifefactory philippines
Up next, those pesky mosquitoes that we love to hate but shouldn't massacre with Baygon. WHAT??? I know right, was thinking the exact same thing kanina. Crazy! Apparently not. 

First of all, obviously...Baygon is bad not just for them but for us as well. Why my sudden concern for the "kito's"? Contrary to popular belief, their sole purpose in life isn't just to annoy us. They actually have a job. An important one at that, mosquitoes are part of the ecosystem and play a big role in plant pollination. So yes, sadly, we can't go Hitler on them.

Since annihilating them isn't an option anymore, we have to learn how to live with them and be safe at the same time. That's where Para'Kito comes in.

We all know that DEET is not an option anymore when it comes to repelling mosquitoes right? Using DEET on your kids is like spraying them with pesticide.

What makes Para'Kito different from all the other natural mosquito repellents?

First of all, Para'Kito is the first mosquito protection product to be approved as a medical device in the European Union and Australia. Second, it contains a combination of seven natural essential oils (lavendula, geranium, citronella, maritime pine, patchouli, clove and peppermint), yes 7 not 1. Why so many? Because mosquitoes are complex creatures that can easily adapt and evolve into a stronger breed. The combination of the 7 creates a complex veil of molecules that mosquitoes are unable to see through and adapt to. It is also the reason why Para'Kito is the only mosquiro repellant that is effective against Aedes, Anopheles and Culex - the three main species of disease carrying mosqitoes.

Para'Kito comes in eye-catching neoprene bracelets and belt clips that are sweat-proof, water-proof and effective in all climates. They never get in contact with the skin so they're perfect for people with sensitive skin and allergic reactions. What I love most is their convenience and practicability.  No more sticky lotions and oils, no more smoky mosquito coils and no more bug sprays! 

One Para'Kito pellet works 100% efficient for 24 hours a day for 15 days straight!

After this afternoon, I've decided to add two more items to my back to school shopping list. I'm getting Nikola a LifeFactory bottle for her baon in school and a Para'Kito bracelet to protect her from Dengue which is so rampant during the upcoming rainy season. Better safe than sorry.

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