my make your own havaianas 2013 experience

This year was the first time I ever attended a Make Your Own Havaianas event and I'm real glad I decided to drop by. It was the most fun I've had at an event for quite some time. The Rockwell Tent was transformed into a festive boardwalk-ish arena complete with waiters donning vintage style "cigarette boxes" filled with treats and yummy drinks topped of with colorful paper straws...

Seems all of Metro Manila was there. I spotted a lot of models, musicians, celebrities and bloggers amongst the crowd. Some of the famous people I saw were Lexi Schultz, Miggy Chavez, Camille Co, Laureen Uy, Daryl Chang, Julia and Dani Baretto + many many other pretty faces...

 my forever idol, Daryl Chang...
daryl chang make your own havaianas
 Callum David provided upbeat music to maintain the fun, carefree vibe of the party...his footwear of choice? blue and red havaianas...for a guy, he has pretty nice feet. I wonder if he got a pedi before this? :P

It didn't matter what age you were or what your job was, everyone couldn't wait to get their very own pair of personalized Havaianas. I was confused beyond belief and a little overwhelmed. The combinations were endless, I didn't know where to start. It was a battle between slim, regular, bright and neutral.

Good thing they had these roulettes that you could spin to find your favorite combination.

In the end, this limited edition Dan Matutina x Havaianas pair won my heart. Nothing could beat its bright, glow in the dark colors and Jetsons-ish graphics. Besides, this probably was my only chance to snag one. From what I've seen tonight, everyone was keen on getting one themselves.

dan matutina for havaianas
Now, I definitely can understand why so many people line up for this every year. It is truly addicting. It came to a point when I almost took home 3 pairs. It's a good thing somebody knocked some sense into me and me realize that there's still tomorrow and the day after :P After this experience, I am definitely going back next year and all the years after that!

Personalize your own pair of Havaianas at the Make Your Own Havaianas event at the Rockwell Tent this May 2-5, 2013. 

For those not in Manila, they will also have simultaneous executions in Laoag, Subic, Batangas, Naga, Cebu, Boracay, CDO and Davao.

And lastly, realize your artistic dreams and be among the likes of Dan Matutina and Missoni by having your own design manufactured by Havaianas in a limited edition release! Join the You + Havaianas: The Search for the Next Best Design Collaboration. Visit: for more info.

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