phfw 2013 day 4 outfit

 Hi!!! Sorry about the lag in personal posts and the sudden influx of infoblogs. A girl's gotta earn her living :P And I am honestly super swamped and drowning in backlog with not as much time to spend on blogging plus I've been contributing to some other sites and it's leaving me quite drained and a little daft between the ears. But it really, really feels good and refreshing to just write once again without having to focus on a particular topic/product.

Soooo, how've you guys been? It feels like I haven't spoken with a good friend in awhile (you). Me? I've been all over the place lately. For some reason, my May sched is packed more than usual plus I'm clamoring to get all my stuff ready for Bloggers United 5. So excited and I hope to see you all there, okay? :)

For a change of pace, I decided to skip some events today and squeeze in some much needed "me time". I can't remember the last time I had my eyebrows threaded! They were getting really bushy and in need of desperate trimming. I won't even mention my mustache :P Anyway, while waiting for my turn, I saw another lady with some sort of gunk in her eyes. Turned out she was getting her lashes permed! I decided to do the same and I love it soooo much! You should try it and it only costs P280 at Let's Face It. Gotta love that place. Thanks for the reco and photos Ana! :)

Oh yea, almost forgot to talk about the outfit. This is what I wore for day 4 of Philippine Fashion Week and the Penshoppe show. Went for something casual since I was just seeing an RTW brand. I just vamped it up a bit with silver sandals and gorgeous statement earrings from SM Accessories so I don't look like a total tomboy with my baseball cap! :P

philippine fashion week day street style

sm accessories earrings

baseball cap women street style

red celine nano street style

zara alexander wang inspired silver sandals
baseball cap (borrowed from bro-in-law) | rolling stones assymetric tee from bravado at forever 21 | ink blue pigskin leather skirt from forever 21 | hued bags clear studded bracelet | zara silver sandals

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