prada inspired geometric skirt - phfw day 3 outfit

When you want something badly, the universe will conspire to give it to you...
And that is exactly what happened to me with these Prada-inspired pieces. I've been wanting, wanting, wanting and now I have not just one but two! Thanks to the very generous people who believe in my blog and what I do. You don't realize how much I appreciate all the love and attention. (hahaha, drama hits)

Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday to the Nina Garcia for Jag Origins show at the SMX for day 3 of Philippine Fashion Week.  I skipped on the denim because I received this skirt the day before and got really excited about it that I couldn't wait to put it on and feature it in an "ootd".

When it comes to lengthy pencil skirts like this one, I either a. wear a skimpy top or b. pair with sky-high chunky heels to avoid falling into the "librarian look".

Will talk more about the Jag Origins show in my next post, for now, I gotta go, got lots to do before the Penshoppe show at 7. And yes, super hangin talaga sa labas. :P

prada geometric skirt street style

prada geometric skirt fashion

philippine fashion week street style 2013
black forever 21 sweater | wardrobe check prada inspired geometric skirt | topshop shoes 


hazel said…
Cute outfit sarah!! :)
love your skirt sarah!!