pulpe de vie - review + my 30-day skin detox challenge

At my age, skin aging becomes a really big concern. You start noticing all these fine lines, sagging and dullness that was never really a problem a few years back. The burden just sort of falls on you like a heavy pile of bricks shortly after your 30th birthday. 

I'd like to preserve the youth in my skin without the help of surgery for as long as I can so I heavily rely on skincare products to keep ageing at bay. Before this detox challenge, my skincare products were all hardcore, chemically laden creams that were built to battle the "skin maturity war".  They seemed to be working well for me so I was a little iffy about going off them for the natural route.  I honestly felt that I needed something more potent to maintain the quality of my skin and that "all-natural products" were solely reserved for the younger, pre-30s set. More of a prevention product, rather than a cure.

But since I am a tree hugger at heart, I would give any socially conscious, organic product a shot.

A little background on Pulpe De Vie - it is a 100% owned French brand that is solely run by 2 wonderful women. They believe in the "farm to market" policy therefore none of the fruits used in their products have ever rode a plane. They choose only the best harvest at the right time of the year, the packaging is recyclable  and all their products contain NO GMO, silicones, parabens, fragrances, synthetic coloring agents, phenoyethanols, PEG. And of course, they are also not tested on animals. The products are so pure and natural that each batch produced has a unique scent based on the time and location of where the fruits were harvested. For more info on Pulpe De Vie, you can check my previous post about it.

So back to my experience...

I decided to start my detox after returning from the beach because my skin was in a terrible state then from lots of late nights, alcohol abuse and sun exposure. My basic skincare regimen consisted of these 4 Pulpe De  Vie products: Frimousse (foaming cleanser), Fais-moi de l'oel (cooling eye mask), Cersse Veloutee (face cream), Sucre Frappe (mask and face scrub).

pulpe de vie review
 Every morning and night, I would wash my face clean with their Frimousse. I have tried other natural skin care cleansing products before but my complain about them was that they were never "sud-sy" enough. When it comes to washing my face, I love lots of foam, bubbles and suds. And despite being all natural, Pulpe De Vie's Frimousse delivers all that plus a super yummy fruity smell and a gorgeous silk-like consistency.

pulpe de vie frimousse foaming cleanser  review
 Afterwards, I would apply their cream hydratante to my face. Just like the Frimousse, Pulpe De Vie's Caresse Veloutee applies smoothly. A little goes a long way and it also has the silk-like consistency that I love. Almost like a creme fraiche. The smell is very clean, earthy, mild and natural. Unlike my old chemically laden creams, the Caresse Veloutee lends a super light feeling. It doesn't feel heavy, oily or hot which really was a godsent for me throughout the terribly hot days of April and May.  I would even go so far as to say that it has a naturally cooling effect on the skin the same way fresh mud would, not the artifical menthol- inititated type.

Pulpe De Vie Caresse Veloutee face cream review
 And lastly, I apply the Fais-moi de l'eil  all over my eye area. I've already used their eye cream before this detox and I have mentioned many times before that it is my secret weapon for event days after a late night of partying. The effects of this eye cream on me are immediate. It has a way of brightening and opening up my eyes just after application. It is a true miracle worker. My only complain is the pump, which took me awhile to get the hang of. I would often squeeze out too much product. Maybe a tube would work better for this, but it's current packaging is really cute so maybe nevermind since you get used to it after a while. 

I was supposed to use the Sucre Frappe (mask and face scrub) at least twice a week but I failed to stick with it religiously because I have been out and about so much recently (You need to leave it on for 5 minutes) so I'll just do a separate review on it. 

The Verdict:

Pulpe De Vie promises a daily pinch of good mood. What it doesn't say in the literature is that it also makes your skin happy. That's the best way I can describe my experience. My skin really looks and feels happier. No, I probably do not look ten years younger but it managed to maintain and improve my skin despite being solely organic and all-natural.

The All-Natural experience is 100% more pleasing, rewarding and a hundred worlds away from my previous "chemical" regimen. 

Although my old products worked for me in the present, I don't know about their long-term effects and wether or not they will have a negative or aggravating reaction later on to my skin. Since Pulpe De Vie is all natural, I don't have to worry about side effects so I guess I'm sticking with it. Their products cost less, work just as well, if not better, plus it's easier on the conscience and the world. I don't see any other reason why I should return to my old practices. I suggest you give it a try yourself.

Pulpe De Vie is available in all Rustans Department Stores.