romwe worldwide leggings instagram giveaway!

Everyone is a super model!! Express your feelings about life and love through clothes.
We should shout it out!! Let others know how you feel. Because if you don’t tell others, others couldn’t know it. They are not you! Show your feelings!!

Romwe is holding a activity, they courage everyone shows their feeling about their legging. You may don’t know how welcome their leggings are!! It’s so hot!!

1, Take a photo in Romwe leggings
2. Post with @romwe #romwemay “I’m xxx(name), I’m in xxx(city), I’m wearing Romwe leggings”  on Instagram (ex. "I'm Sarah Tirona, I'm in Manila, Philippines and I'm wearing @Romwe Leggings! #romwemay"
3, Locate your positions
4, Follow Romwe on Instagram

Here is an example:

Check the contest (@romwe) for more info on how to join:

Giveaway will run through 05/09/2013 to 06/09/2013