sarah jessica parker for the sm store

Let me share with you a tale of two losers...hahaha....

So yesterday, me and Paul met up to make our way together to the opening of SM Aura in Taguig. We were both feeling very fortunate since we realized that the invites for this event were very "exclusive". We got together sometime around 4 and decided to pass by a different store launch first since we thought/ or had the misconception of a changed schedule for Sarah Jessica Parker's appearance. 

While at that event, we received a text saying that it was over, SJP came out for about 15 minutes,  cut the ribbon, giggled some and waved to the crowd. We were like what??? Seriously, we couldn't believe we missed it but then the opening ceremonies were still ongoing so we decided to still take a chance and pass by.

Luckily, we got there just in time for her presscon. We high-fived in front of this tv and tried to find out where in the vast mall the live video feed was coming from. We tried to figure it out for awhile but we soon got carried away with all the newly opened shops. Paul is a super "shoppingero". hahaha. So distracted, we started walking around the mall to check out the shops. 

And then here's what happened, let's say we were on the left side of the mall at a certain time...we'd catch a glimpse from further down and far ahead, SJP and her crew. Too far too many people so we just let it go, let them pass by, we figured it'd be too hard to rush over and take a photo anyway, maybe take our chances later we decided to wait around the right side of the mall this time hoping to catch a closer glimpse next time she passes by. After a few minutes, we see her again, on the opposite side of where we were. So, that's how it basically went. :P Oh and my dslr went low batt....

Anyway, here's a photo of her on the livefeed. Yep, we were this close to the TV! hahaha

Here's some clearer photos from The SM Store's Facebook Fanpage (like them for more photos and videos nalang).

From what I witnessed via TV, SJP is just as sweet, down to earth and excitable as we imagined her to be. She is really cray about clothes and SHOES.  And at first glimpse, you may think she looks a bit "witchy" in the photos because of the super covered up all-black ensemble but in reality, she wasn't really this covered up. The maxi dress actually has a sheer skirt that you could see through her boyleg black panties. So yes, very very stylish indeed and very deserving of her international style star status. :)

Since I can't give you much feedback on the presscon, let me just share with you why me and Paul were going ga-ga in the mall. The shops!!! My god, SM Aura Premier has all our favorite shopping boutiques under one roof!!! Plus it also houses the first flagships stores of some very new, and very exciting brands. Here are some of the brands that caught our attention:

Suiteblanco. It's their first store in Manila but I can already see it being a big hit with the fashionable crowd. Not only are their pieces super affordable (shoes for P1700, tops for 1k or less, pretty beaded clutches for P1200), they're also at the cutting edge of fashion. Expect lots of gorgeous printed pants, blazers, boho chic beauties and fashion forward footwear.

suiteblanco sm aura 
Stefanel. Gorgeous, gorgeous, sophisticated and well-made pieces.
stefanel sm aura
Aside from a plethora of other new shops, SM Aura also houses your favorite brands only much, much bigger!!! Forever 21 boasts 2 floors with a large "girls" section for our kids and a huge shoe section across it for us! There's also a the biggest Uniqlo I've seen, Topshop, Topman, Stradivarius, Bershka and a lot more. Just listing all of them down is maxing out my credit card! 

forever 21 sm aura

And in case you aren't impressed yet, SM Aura is also coming out with a better version of Paul! They're making him bigger too :P

SM Aura is truly one of the most exciting shopping destinations in Manila! You can check them out inside BGC, Taguig starting today.

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Unknown said…
You're so lucky to have seen her in the flesh!
A N A G O N said…
Sarah tawang tawa ako sa captions, lalo sa "this is the closest chuchu sa tv hahahahahaah!!!!!" ;D
krissy ♥ said…
Madam! Where's my fan sign?? Hahaha! ;p
@anagon and @krissy- epic fail nga kami ni paul! hahaha