#SUITEBLANCOManila beavis and butthead shirt

Back in the day, the Beavis and Butthead show was a non-negotiable part of my day. The "huhh-huhh chicks", "bunghole" and "cornholio" statements though not really very intelligible were very irrisistible to me and my friends. It was a little idiotic but hey, we could relate. :P And besides the funny toilet humor, they always used to feature the best music videos of the time. I remember countless afternoons rocking out on the couch with friends. 

In present day, me and Dennis have sort of absorbed the whole Beavis and Butthead culture to the point that we've almost transformed ourselfves into them sans the butthole references. During our down times, you will always find us on the couch criticizing music on youtube complete with the bully and loser role who gets bitchslapped for stupid remarks. All in the spirit of fun though.

So, going back to fashion....I have been finding myself shopping the mens department more and more lately. Menswear these days have so many amazing pieces, they're also guaranteed to be super comfortable as well. During my recent shopping spree in Suiteblanco (SM Aura), I caught a glimpse of this shirt en route to the fitting rooms and immediately grabbed it off the shelf. I haven't seen a Beavis and Butthead shirt in awhile so it was really nice to see it hanging there to remind me of some really great times in the past.

Speaking of Suiteblanco, have you been? If you haven't you should. It's literally a shopping haven. It's like forever21 and zara made love, had a baby and called it "Suiteblanco". :P It's cutting edge and really affordable. I highly recommend. Staying true to the Beavis and Butthead lingo..."It's Cool, huh-huh, so cool".

suiteblanco manila

suiteblanco beavis and butthead shirt

beavis and butthead shirt street style fashion
kate torralba sarah tirona 2013

Wore this for a steady night out in our "secret jazz bar" where I bumped into Kate Torralba after so many years. She played a couple of new songs and she's still really awesome. New album coming out sometime in July I think. :)

suiteblanco beavis and butthead shirt | romwe stripe bell bottoms | nava hat | gold dot karine wedges


cutie mama!!!! :) see you tomorrow!!!
Shugah Gonzales said…
omg! I love this outfit!!! I wish I can freaking strut an outfit like this in my sleeping hometown, Bukidnon :(
Marileska said…
Love your trousers and hat.