what to wear when naked is not an option

On this day, let me introduce to you the "turtle pose". :D Sorry, but due to my very efficient personal photographer, this is the only fairly decent photo I have without the jacket on.

So, back to the topic of what to wear when naked is not an option.... because really, the blistering heat has me wanting to live in a nudist community. But last time I checked, there weren't any in our country. 

The heat brings out the lazy in me. It's too hot to move, too hot to put on a pair of pants and too hot to go freaky styley on my clothes so I've taken on a new uniform. Since pajamas are in, might as well throw in the nightgowns as well. This dress I'm wearing doesn't really resemble a nightgown (obviously) but it falls into the same summer formula I've concocted. Loose shift dress/mens shirt/oversized shirt + boots/heels. It's comfy and it allows the air to move freely around my legs. Short shorts and knee high socks optional.

Jacket is because I don't want to freeze to death in the new Shang Mall. It's cold there :P

Happy Mom's Day everyone!!!

summer fashion

topshop studded leather jacket

topshop ant boots

sm ladies dress | topshop studded leather jacket and ant boots | goldlock army arm party | sm accessories dangling earrings 


Gellie Abogado said…
love the studded leather jacket, sarah! :)
Bryan said…
nice, suits you
A N A G O N said…
Tawang tawa ako sa Turtle Pose hahahaha!
@anagon: my new signature pose! hahaha, i miss you!!!
thanks bryan and gellie <3