what to wear with white pumps

Today, let's tackle another one of 2013's hottest trends. White pumps. How do you wear white pumps without looking like your going to church in the 80s?

Here's some more of my not so expert tips :P

  1. DO wear tailored, chic pieces.
  2. DON'T wear frilly dresses and cutesy clothes (but when it comes to fashion there are always exemptions. best be safe though :) )
  3. DO try pairing them with edgier/minimalistic styles.
  4. DO wear them with beautiful head to toe prints.
  5. DO wear with printed pants.
  6. DO wear with tropical prints.
  7. DO match with silver/ clear jewelry.
  8. DO white on white. 
  9. DO make it the focal point of your monochromatic ensemble.
  10. DO choose the right pair of white pumps. The wrong pair can send you to Sunday school in a snap. 
Here's what I wore my white Gold Dot Karine pumps with a few days ago for the T.W. Steel Pilot Your Life press launch at Edsa Shang.

white pumps street style

leather pants street style

white pumps

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