yamamay lingerie opens in glorietta 2

The Yamamay opening in Glorietta was the reason why Paul and I were late for SJP's SM Aura inauguration. I knew that passing by Glorietta before hitting BGC was going to put us in a tight spot but I couldn't resist the pull of beautiful lingerie.

I am a firm believer that the right underwear has the power to make or break an outfit and/or situation. Though mostly unseen, it is the most vital part of dressing up. Secretly wearing sexy underwear also has a great way of boosting self-confidence.

Yamamay has everything to cover all your needs, wants and even quirks! ;)

The leading Italian brand's 2013 collection features sensual lace, macrame, and sheer fabrics in pastels such as wisteria, powder blue, light pink and mint. There are also a lot of classic styles to choose from which are inspired by the vintage style of the 60s (love) with a touch of bon ton in black, cream and white. Highly covetable are the gorgeous broderie anglaise selections in yummy lavender.

yamamay spring 2013

For the bride, Yamamay channels a modern "Eve" who is sensual and not afraid to wear push-up bras, french knickers or Brazilian briefs to accentuate her best assets. The collection is made up of soft lace, frills and a little blue to cover her "something blue" needs. They also stock a lot of fun and playful accessories to create an unforgettable bridal shower.

Aside from knickers, Yamamay also carries I Love Y, a line created for young women which features relaxed loungewear in eyecatching fluos and bold prints. 

My favorites from their store consist of these utilitarian shapewear pieces which are really affordable and well-made. I also love that they carry "bra converters" which used to be such a pain to look for. Yamamay stocks them in several colors to match your bras and they only cost around P300/pack. 

Yamamay also carries fun undergarments for guys. I couldn't resist taking a photo of this "push up brief". It's padded for extra girth :P Women have been faking it for so long with our gel inserts, I guess it's about time that guys get into the "enhancement trend" as well!

Yamamay is located at the 2/F of Robinsons Magnolia and 1/F of the new Glorietta 2.


Unknown said…
Now I have a reason to drop by Glorietta! I couldn't agree more with what you said abut lingerie. :)

Jessica Goodell said…
Gorgeous! I love the pink lingerie, it's so unusual but still very pretty! Can't wait to buy this undies at Soma Intimates.