before midnight

Does Love at first sight work in real life? Perhaps this is the question that the third installment of the Before series attempts to answer. Being an indie film, you never know what to expect and that's the beauty of it. Unlike those overproduced Hollywood blockbuster dramas, the Before series is real and raw albeit romanticized for viewing pleasure but the bones are there. 

The first installment of the "Before" series was released to coincide with my personal coming of age.  Before Sunrise came out in January, 1995. I was fifteen and starting to get intersted in the opposite sex. This movie shaped my perception of what a relationship should be like - full of conversation, spontaniety and getting lost in each other. My romantic life has been molded by this philosophy and it has always worked in creating memorable, life-changing affairs although not always for keeps but always unique and with no regrets. Full of passion and raw wanton just like Jesse and Celine's brief encounter in Vienna.

Jesse and Celine's love affair seems so unedited and relatable which is probably why Before Midnight is the most anticipated "threequel" release of the year. 

Before Midnight takes us to what life is like for the two once adulthood has settled in and the realities of life come into place. Just like any other normal relationship, a succesful and happy one is never achieved without a few road bumps in between.

It feels like I grew up with these two and I can't wait to see how theirs turns out and if it all resembles mine since I basically found the "Jesse" in my life as well.

However the movie turns out in the end, I'm sure that it will continue to inspire its millions of viewers just like the previous 2 installments did. 

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